Talk48 Sustainable Irrigation for Punjab

Thursday, 21 November, 2019


Lead Pakistan is hosting an interactive session by Dr. Naveed Alam .This talk aims to present a solution to make groundwater use for additional irrigation sustainability, i.e. to limit the salinity of pumped water in the long run. Water resources in Pakistan face a major stress due to their poor management in terms of storage and application along with increased demand to fulfil food and fibre requirements of rapidly growing population. Currently millions of private wells in the Punjab are pumping groundwater as an additional source for irrigation to compensate for irregular surface water supply. Since the 1990s, most of them are skimming wells that aim to reduce the salinity of the pumped groundwater. However, salinization continues to rise over time, often above acceptable limit, which threatens food production. Water use efficiency can be enhanced significantly by the well planned conjunctive use of surface and ground water that ultimately offers benefits in terms of economic and social outcomes.

Dr. Naveed Alam, CEO of WaterSprint, received his doctorate in hydrology from the Technical University Delft. He has profound 20 years of experience in hydrology, governance, water and disaster management as project manager, professor, facilitator and advisor in the national, international development sector, cooperation and academia. Previously Dr. Alam has worked as GIZ Project Manager for the DFID-funded International Water Stewardship Program and Assistant Executive Engineer at Punjab Irrigation Department.

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