Talk36 South Asia's Hotspots: The Impacts of Temperature & Precipitation Changes on Living Standards

Thursday, 28 March, 2019


More than 800 million people - almost half of South Asia's population - currently live in areas that are projected to become moderate to severe hotspots by 2050. Southwestern Pakistan has experienced the largest increase, with annual average temperatures rising by 1.0C to 3.0C from 1950 to 2010. Hyderabad District in Sindh emerges as the top hotspot followed by the districts of Mirpur Khas and Sukkur. Densely populated cities in Punjab, including Lahore, Multan, and Faisalabad also emerge among the top 10 hotspot districts. LEAD Pakistan is hosting an interactive session on South Asia's Hotspots: The Impacts of Temperature and Precipitation Changes on Living Standards as part of its series on Managing Shared Basins. This flagship report by the World Bank brings forth new research on the impact of climate change on living standards. The lead author of the publication and guest speaker, Dr. Muthukumara Mani, will talk about the implications of climate change particularly in Pakistan and how the Government and institutions can address these challenges.

Muthukumara Mani is a Lead Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist of the World Bank's South Asia Region. Prior to joining the region, he led the World Bank's work on assessing environmental implications of development policy reforms in the Environment Global Practice of the World Bank. His work also has focused on country environmental assessments; natural resources management; environmental institutions and governance; climate change and adaptation; and trade and climate change issues. Prior to this, he was an economist in the Fiscal Affairs Department of the International Monetary Fund. Mani has a doctorate and masters in economics from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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