Talk32 Using Roads for Water

Thursday, 31 January, 2019

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There is probably no intervention globally with more impact on the surface hydrology and landscapes as the construction of roads. Roads obstruct the flow of water, guide run-off and concentrate it, accelerate it, and in the process trigger erosion and sedimentation. LEAD Pakistan in hosting an interactive webinar on 'Using Roads for Water Management'. The guest speaker, Dr. Frank van Steenbergen, will discuss the IGreen Roads Water initiative being led by his organization, MetaMeta. This initiative aims to introduce beneficial road water management globally. In Pakistan, this model can be used to harvest water in dry parts of the country, especially the increasingly water-stressed urban areas. It can also control water logging the mega irrigation systems. Moreover, not only will such interventions make roads instruments for water management, they will also reduce damage to roads and reduce costs of disruption and repair.

Dr. Frank van Steenbergen is natural resource management specialist and director of MetaMeta (, a social enterprise dedicated to sustainable resource management. He has been engaged over the last 25 years in water resource management and policy in Pakistan. He has contributed in the preparation of several prominent policy documents, mostly recently the Groundwater Governance Vision and Framework for Action on behalf of GEF, the World Bank, and FAO. He was team leader of Global Resilience Partnership program on Roads for Water and Resilience, which tries to connect road development with water resources management.

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