Talk31 Managing Rainwater Harvesting in the Urban Context

Thursday, 10 January, 2019


Mr. Shahid Sohail is the speaker of our next talk and he will be talking about the challenges faced by city developers to develop water sensitive infrastructures in Pakistan while also giving an overview of Capital development Authority's adoption of new techniques for rainwater harvesting in the existing urban infrastructure. In Pakistan, rainwater harvesting practices have not remained very popular, perhaps because when Pakistan came into existence, the per capita water availability was much higher than what it is now. As a consequence of increase in population and changing weather patterns, the per capita water availability per year has been reduced from 5,000 m3 per capita per year in 1951 to less than1000 m3, now, which is just about the internationally recognized scarcity level, and is further projected to be less than 700 by the year 2025. Because of this scarcity, the realization of adoption of rainwater harvesting techniques is growing.

Mr. Shahid Sohail has worked for over 35 years for urban infrastructure projects, mainly related to water and wastewater. He has served Capital Development Authority (CDA) in various positions and recently retired from the position of the Member Engineering, which he maintained for four years. He has considerable experience and knowledge about urban water and wastewater issues. He was also the first Chairman of Pakistan Water Operators Network and as such is a well-known name in the field of water and wastewater in Pakistan.

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