LEAD Pakistan, with a vision to bring together a diverse set of experts to generate a meaningful discourse on water, introduced a series called Managing Shared Basins, under the rubric of Leading Perspectives. LEADING Perspectives is a series of talks that takes on the challenge of generating an informed, pluralistic and multi-sectoral analysis to propose options for consideration by all concerned stakeholders. It provides an opportunity for specialists and experts to come together and accelerate the thought process on pressing water and environmental issues pertinent to our region, in particular the transboundary waters.

This initiative has strengthened LEAD's internal capacity and deepened our understanding of the complex set of water equity, water access, and water hazard issues - the three pillars of LEAD's Water program - and also the issues that are at the heart of Pakistan's water governance and management challenge. The main objectives of carrying out these talks are to develop:

a) an informed community of practice to help deepen the discourse and action on Pakistan's water issues.

b) an institution in LEAD with credibility and ability to take the issues forward to the next step of engagement.

c) a new body of knowledge and learning through an informal network of experts.