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SHEIKH, Ali Tauqeer

CEO & National Program Director, LEAD Pakistan
& Director Asia, Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

Ali Tauqeer Sheikh is the founding CEO & National Program Director of Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Pakistan (www.lead.org.pk) . LEAD is a non-for-profit, non-partisan organization that specializes in sustainable development. It is a premier national institution and think tank that is deeply engaged in generating public policy options through research, capacity-building and public policy debates and dialogues. He manages the largest network of professionals on sustainable development in the country that prides itself on several hundred people and institutions as members. These members are drawn from academia, business and industry, media, think tanks and civil society organizations, and the government. They undertake individual or collaborative practical initiatives to promote economically sound, environmentally responsible and socially equitable change. He also heads Climate Leaders Action Network [CLAN] which gives him access to over 2,000 experts in the field.

Mr. Sheikh is also the Asia Director for Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN). Led by Pricewaterhouse, CDKN (www.cdkn.org) is a global alliance of five organizations ODI, Intrack, Futurolatinamerico, South South North, and LEAD. In this capacity he leads efforts to assist developing country governments in the Asian region to mainstream climate compatible development in their policies and plans, strengthen their capacity to cope with climate induced disasters and extreme events, enhance their readiness to access international climate finance and to meaningfully engage in international climate negotiations for an equitable and ambitious global agreement.

Mr. Sheikh has vast experience in training and facilitating multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary expert groups on policy planning, leadership development and consensus building. In the context of Climate Change, he is involved in several regional and international dialogues and consultations to bring concerns relevant to Asia at the forefront. His work involves engagement with multiple stakeholders, from government and private sector, to academia, media, think tanks and civil society from several Asian, African and North American countries. He has served on several boards and is a member of national commissions and committees including the apex environmental body in the country, Pakistan Environment Protection Council (PEPC) chaired by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Taskforce on Climate Change set up by the Planning Commission of Pakistan, and the Core Group constituted by the Ministry of Climate Change charged to advise the Government of Pakistan on climate negotiations. Mr. Sheikh has represented Pakistan in several negotiating rounds since the 2001 World Summit on Sustainable Development. Presently, he is involved in helping design and plan the Climate Change Roadmap for the Government of Pakistan, and the Work Programme on Climate Change Migration as well as the Loss and Damage Program for the Government of Bangladesh. He is also currently serving on the Steering Committee of the Asia Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) Partnership that works in concert with the Global LEDS Partnership.

Mr Sheikh has studied at Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, Australian National University, Canberra, and University of Miami, Florida, from where he obtained Master's degrees in International Relations and Strategic Studies. Mr Sheikh has been a Fellow at the Institute of Soviet and East European Studies (ISEES) Miami; the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in London, and the Rockefeller Foundation in New York. He has delivered lectures at a number of universities and institutions including Oxford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University), the Carnegie Endowment, the Kennan Institute of Advanced Russian Studies and the University of Michigan.

Mr. Sheikh is deeply involved in various facets of sustainable development, particularly in poverty-environment nexus, climate vulnerabilities and equitable development. He has served as advisor/consultant to a number of national/international organizations such as Asian Development Bank, European Commission, IDRC, IFAD, JICA, Packard Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, The Asia Foundation, UNDP, UNESCO and the USAID.

(Last updated: April 29, 2013)



Director Programmes, Program Development Department (PDD)

Nobody excelled in LEAD as quickly as did Hina – from an intern in 1999 to the Director Programmes, Program Development Department in 2012. LEAD and Hina, both, have grown together. And now, she is literally the institution’s memory and a pillar – but yet modest in her working, ready to help her colleagues and new comers.  

Hina has more than 14 years of experience in the development sector. She has hands-on 10 year experience in developing programmes, strategies and policy incentives as part of various interventions at LEAD. Other than being instrumental in developing LEAD’s overall framework document and the public policy program, she spearheaded the team of experts and staff to develop LEAD’s program on Climate Change - Climate Action Program (L-CAP), a five year initiative to promote climate compatible development in the country. To further the climate change programme, she developed and operationalized various online (web-based and email based) and community based networks including National Alliance on Climate Action (NACA), Knowledge Network on Climate Change (KNCC) and Climate Leaders Action Network (CLAN). Various projects were also designed to facilitate and nurture the network and its activities. Currently she is engaged in developing further programmatic areas for LEAD including Health and Water. She is also engaged in implementing the existing Climate Change programme by delivering multiple projects for various donors and designing new ones. As the regional coordinator for Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), she initiated the project in Asia, recruited and trained the team, developed business plans, systems/procedures for project scoping, implementation and monitoring. She also was instrumental in designing multitude of technical assistance, research and knowledge management projects with the respective country governments across Asia. In this role she was not only involved in strategic planning and scoping exercises for CDKN globally, but has also shaped the strategy for CDKN in Asia, sub-regionally and at a country level.

Currently she is developing the Water Programme and its implementation strategy for LEAD. It is a 5-year programme focusing on providing technical assistance, research, capacity building and public policy engagement in areas of disasters, droughts, trans-boundary, groundwater and water quality from an access, equity and hazard perspective.

She has been adept at managing multi-donor baskets funds, designing and managing projects (including financial management) focusing on Environment, Climate Change, Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, livelihood and Health. She has demonstrable experience in engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, from project beneficiaries to governments to donors, on development policy and programming issues. Sound credentials in research ranging from specific case study development to conceptualization research, assessments and surveys on different service delivery elements. She has also been instrumental in designing and delivering modules and training programmes for multi sectors on a range of issues dealing with environmental and social issues.  Plays a strategic role in organization’s policies and has engaged in carrying out two strategic planning exercises at LEAD that gave the organization a new road-map. She has been representing the institution at national/international forums and also serving as a trainer at various events in LEAD programs.

Demonstrable experience in engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, from project beneficiaries to governments to donors, on development policy and programming issues. Sound credentials in research ranging from specific case study development to conceptualization research, assessments and surveys on different service delivery elements. Has a few worthwhile publications to her credit: Lund-Thomsen, P. Mansur, A. & H. Lotia, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability of Donor-financed Interventions in the South: The Case of Pakistan, in Rahbek-Pedersen, E. & H. Muniche, Corporate Citizenship in Developing Countries, Copenhagen Business School Press, Copenhagen, 2006. She also prepared a Case Study on Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center which was published as part of the report: Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fundraising in Pakistan published with support from Asian Development Bank, The Asia Foundation, Nippon Foundation and USAID. She also contributed a chapter on Climate Change and Health in Asia Pacific Network (APN’s) recent book, Climate in Asia and the Pacific: Security, Society and Sustainability, published by Springer as a latest volume of the series Advances in Global Change Research.

She has strong analytical and written communications skills, evidenced by publications in national and international fora and extensive social and political economy analyses for new programs, as well as policy briefs for officials in the government. Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Project and financial management softwares. Has a Master of Science degree in Economics from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. Hina has also undergone a year long training on Sustainable Development as part of global Leadership Development Program (LDP) at LEAD. 

(Last updated: April 07, 2014)



RIZVI, Hasan

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hasan A. Rizvi has more than 30 years of rich and diverse professional experience spanning academia, the development sector and technology entrepreneurship. He started his career as a researcher in astrophysics, cosmology and high energy physics culminating his work at the European Centre for Nuclear Physics (CERN). At CERN, he and his colleagues couldn’t discover the ‘truth’ they were looking for (the last of the undiscovered quarks, the top quark is also called truth) but he literally saw the birth of the World Wide Web in front of his own eyes. His fascination with the Internet and the weird and wonderful applications it has spawned made him a pioneer of sorts when he advocated for and helped set up the first academic email node in the country. Later, while working for UNDP's Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP), he launched the first email and offline Internet service in Pakistan. He set up the first knowledge portals and networks of practitioners highlighting the issues of environment, including climate change and development for the country.

Breaking new grounds in the use of Internetworking technologies for development, SDNP Pakistan was acclaimed as one of the most successful and innovative national chapters of SDNP. Traversing this career path he became the head of Education, Communication and Knowledge Management Group of IUCN Pakistan, before helping set up a technology company - Five Rivers Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd - which has also come to be known for its highly innovative work, especially in the field of mobile applications. Mr. Rizvi also taught applied science, knowledge management and technology entrepreneurship courses at a private university while working as the CEO of Five Rivers Technologies.

Currently, he is working as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of LEAD Pakistan, spearheading its work in research, knowledge management and communications. His experience of both supervising and managing research projects, primarily pertaining to vulnerability and resilience to the impacts of climate change, is of fundamental importance for LEAD’s work as a knowledge-based organization and its endeavors to effectively translate research into policies.   


(Last updated: April 07, 2014)


Dr. CHAUDHRY, Qamar Zaman

Senior Advisor LEAD Pakistan on Climate Change Program

Dr. Chaudhry is a climate scientist by profession and since 2003 associated with the World Meteorological Organisation, first as a Member of Executive Council and then Vice President of the Asia Region. Being a senior advisor for LEAD Pakistan, Dr. Zaman represents the organization at various events and is engaged in policy dialogues necessary for adaptation to climate change. He has been involved in some of the most important international scientific reports and initiatives, including most recently as an expert reviewer of IPCC’s SREX and AR5 reports, the World Bank’s ‘turn down the heat’ report and Secretary, UN-ESCAP/WMO Intergovernmental Panel on Tropical Cyclones 2003-2012. He has contributed to more than 60 research papers in national and international journals, and presented at major international conferences and forums.

In Pakistan, Dr. Chaudhry has played a highly influential role in the development of climate compatible development plans and program. He was lead author of Pakistan’s first National Climate Change Policy, approved in 2012 as well as the Framework for Implementation of Climate Change Policy (2014-2030). Between 1996-2010 he was Director General of Pakistan’s Meteorological Department, and also served the Government of Pakistan from 2010-2012 as Advisor on Climate Affairs.  He is also a member of Pakistan’s National Steering Committee on REDD since 2012 and Governing Board member of Global Change Impact Study Centre (a premier Pakistan’s climate change research Institution).

He is the recipient of National Civil Awards of Sitara-e-Imtiaz (2011) and Pride of Performance (1999) and has received the SAARC Best Young Climate Scientist Research Award (1993).

Dr. Chaudhry is assisting UNDP Islamabad and leading a team of experts as ‘National Climate Change Policy Expert’ in undertaking a country specific study climate Public expenditure and institutional review.


(Last updated: March 12 2014)


Tahir Rasheed

General Manager, Project Management Department

 Mr. Tahir Rasheed is the General Manager of the Project Management Department at LEAD Pakistan. As a General Manager of PMD at LEAD, he ensures the effective implementation of projects, examines the overall progress, ourputs and impacts of implemented programmes, identifies bottlenecks, proposes solutions and substantiates planning. He plays a pivotal role in devising project management plans.

Prior to joining LEAD, he worked with different international and national organizations in different capacities. He also served as the CEO of IUCN’s Sustainable Use Specialist Group-Central Asia (SUSG-CAsia).

He has been working in the field of community based natural resource management since 1990. During his career, he acquired the necessary skills of community based planning, monitoring & evaluation, developing linkages & coordination, and implementing integrated conservation and developmental projects especially with local communities across Pakistan. Based on his qualification and practical understanding of environmental and social issues, he has been involved in conducting a number of socio-ecological studies, developing policy documents (management plans, Development and Conservation Plans, manuals etc) and also provided professional input to WWF-Indo-China, Vietnam Kalpavriksh India in formulating Environmental Education Strategy and national report on Community Conserved Areas of Pakistan. Simultaneously he has also been serving as a master trainer in the field of environment and development for governmental and non-governmental institutions.

His interests include protecting bio-diversity, empowering grassroots organizations, and sustainable management of natural resources. He is concerned with the linkages between the environment and development and the way international negotiations affect indigenous communities.

Mr. Rasheed holds Master’s degree in Forestry and Rural Development with a specialization in watershed management.


(Last updated: April 07, 2014)



HUSSAIN, Agha Alamdar

Advisor Finance

Mr Agha Alamdar Hussain specializes in financial management, information systems, management consulting, business applications and business law bringing an 18-year experience in these fields and is now an established entrepreneur associated with prestigious organizations like The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PA Consulting, Hagler Bailly, and Grant Thorton. 

Mr Hussain is the founding CEO of AGHAZ Consulting Islamabad and is a notable component of several professional bodies – Pakistan Software Export Board, Computer Society of Pakistan, and Pakistan Association of Software Houses. 

Mr Hussain has advised LEAD in its financial matters since 2005. He is a CA Finalist from the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP).

(Last updated: September 30, 2010)


Dr. MUSTAFA, Daanish

Advisor Water Programme

Daanish Mustafa obtained his BA in Geography from Middlebury College in Vermont, USA. He worked for two years in Pakistan for the non-profit sector on donor funded social development and environmental preservation projects. He subsequently obtained his MA in Geography from the University of Hawaii-Manoa in 1995 and his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA in 2000. He was a visiting assistant professor of geography at George Mason University, and then an assistant professor of Geography, at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, before joining the Department of Geography at King’s College, London in 2006.

(Last updated: April 16, 2013)


BHATT, Mihir R.

Country Engagement Leader, India

Mihir brings on board his multi-level and multi context knowledge and experience in engaging with a wide range of individuals and institutions as well as communities and countries that are eager to cooperate to reduce risk but are on occasion not.

Since his work with IPCC SREX Report, “Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation” he is promoting utilization of its findings in India and around through program development, monitoring, evaluation, review, resource mobilization inputs. He is building synergies for Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management (CSDRM) partnerships. He has worked with IFIs, UN system, donors and a wide range of local authorities and organizations on CSDRM, public policy influence, innovations in finance, autonomous adaptations and ways of making the poor central to urban and regional processes.

After completing his studies from MIT, USA, he has worked across 35 cities and 49 districts in India and over 9 countries in Asia advising governments and grassroots organizations. He heads AIDMI (www.aidmi.org) a South-South Centre of Excellence of the UN at the cutting edge of humanitarian, natural disaster, and climate change risk related action learning.

He has received Eisenhower Fellowship for his leadership; Russell E. Train Institutional Fellowship for his work on environment; and Ashoka Fellowship for his work on social enterprise. He is Senior Scientist at FXB Center for Health and Human Rights working on the humanitarian context of India’s partition and Senior Fellow of Harvard Humanitarian Initiative working on innovations in disaster and climate risk transfer and insurance.

He has documented lost Mughal Garden “as paradise”. He currently finds time to observe the “richness of absence” in hand painted post-mughal “pichavai” (textile drops).


(Last updated: April 29, 2014)


KHANAL, Ram Chandra

Country Engagement Leader, Nepal

Ram Chandra brings to CDKN 23 years of experience working for climate change adaptation, agriculture and forestry sectors, and nature conservation in Nepal and other Asian countries. He has been a natural resource specialist for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment in Nepal and has done strategic work for international organizations such as the IUCN and UNEP. Being an expert on agro-forestry, Ram Chandra has been actively engaged in designing projects, plans and proposals to enhance land use for food security and to promote sustainable agriculture in the wake of climate change.
Collaborating with a multitude of institutions and communities for environmental management and climate change adaptation across Asia has been central to his career. This makes him ideal to support CDKN’s work as a Country Engagement Leader. He also has experience conducting impact studies on people’s livelihoods, energy efficiency and social networks based on the implementation of different projects. It has been critical to his work to evaluate impacts in order to make the most needed recommendations depending on the environmental, economic and social context of communities.

Ram Chandra has authored various journal articles and book chapters on climate change adaptation and mitigation. Some of his journal articles have addressed the issues of climate change and organic agriculture, low energy consumption, community participation for the purpose of development and ensuring environmental governance for sustainable livelihoods.

He is currently also serving as a Founding General Secretary and Vice President for Community of Evaluators (Nepal), Member of Nepal Participatory Action Network, CEESP/IUCN Commission Member and Member of the Climate Smart Agriculture Advisory Committee of the Gold Standard Foundation in Geneva.

To become a natural resource specialist, Ram Chandra acquired Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agriculture and Economics respectively from Tribhuvan University in Nepal and a Master’s of Science in Agriculture from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand.


(Last updated: May 05, 2014)


KHAN, Munjurul H.

Country Engagement Leader, Bangladesh

Dr. Khan has worked with the Government of Bangladesh and International organizations including UNFCCC and UNEP to ensure the successful management of natural resources across Bangladesh in the context of climate change. He has played a crucial role for the Government of Bangladesh by providing technical, management and policy inputs for environmental management, biodiversity conservation and climate change strategy/action plans.

To engage in dialogue for public policy development with different organizations at the local and international levels, Dr. Khan has organized and facilitated various workshops, conferences, seminars and training sessions. Being a Climate Change Advisor for German Development Cooperation (GIZ), in addition to working for CDKN as the Country Engagement Leader for Bangladesh, he is determined to establish systems that protect the environment, be it in the form of implementing waste management systems or community-based natural resource management.
He has served as a Co-Chair for IPCC’s Conflict Resolution Sub-Group, Co-Chair for the Loss and Damage stream of negotiations under the UNFCCC and Member of the Working Group of Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC). He has experience of dealing with international donors including the World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, DFID, Swedish & Australian governments for resource mobilization and utilization.

Dr. Khan has taught at the University of Manitoba (Canada) and North South University (Bangladesh) and has authored, edited or co-authored 32 publications on environmental management, climate change, biodiversity & natural resources management. He provided support for the national implementation of many Multilateral Environmental Agreements and technical inputs to the global process.

He holds a doctorate from the University of Manitoba in Natural Resources and Environmental Management, and a Master’s degree in Development Economics from Williams College in Massachusetts.


(Last updated: May 05, 2014)


INDRAWAN, Mochamad

Country Engagement Leader,

Born and raised in Indonesia, Didi has academic background in biology and ecology from University of Indonesia, and University of Aberdeen. Didi's diverse experiences include undertaking long term field research in conservation and sustainable development, and consultancies in environmental policies in Indonesia, as well as teaching at the University of Indonesia.

Didi sees the position with CDKN as a great opportunity to further dedicate his expertise and skills for the advancement of environmental governance in Indonesia, and also knowledge based international cooperation.

Didi also enjoyed Indonesia's rich local languages, architecture, photography, as well as swimming amidst brilliant coral reefs and trekking the rainforests. 


(Last updated: May 07, 2014)



HASAN, Syed Ahmad

Manager, Administration and Human Resource

Mr. Ahmad brings years of business management experience in manufacturing and distribution of consumer products. He has handled large budgets up to Rs 250 million. He is serving at LEAD as Manager Administration & Human Resources since 2008. He is responsible for ISO certification, monitoring and implementation in order to manage the administrative and operational work of LEAD Pakistan.

Mr. Ahmad has served the Administration and HR departments of organizations such as New Allied Electronics, Lahore and Big Mak Foods, Lahore. He holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Quincy College, IL USA with short courses on marketing and management conducted by LUMS and PIMS.

(Last updated: April 10, 2014)


HAQ, Mohammad Rizwanul

Manager, Manager, Business Development Unit

With over eight years experience in the public and private sectors, Rizwan brings his strengths to LEAD in Business Development, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Institutional and Financial Management, Capacity Building, and Data Analysis for issues pertaining to sustainable development and community rehabilitation.

As Manager of the Business Development Unit of LEAD Pakistan, he is responsible for developing new businesses and projects, including sub-projects, within institutional focus areas. He plays an important role in the incubation of new ideas and business, initiates pilot projects and assists in materializing long term strategic plans for the organization. As a management representative, he sets up effective tools to monitor client’s relationship and ensures clients satisfaction. Prior to this role at LEAD, he developed and implemented a reporting mechanism to facilitate project assessments and established a feedback loop with planning and implementation components for strategic course correction. He facilitated a team of professionals to remotely manage Meso and Micro level activities of 23 service delivery facilities with the help of web-based reporting systems.

Before joining LEAD, he worked as an Evaluator for the Water, Sanitation and Transport Sector at the M&E Wing of Earthquake Reconstruction Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA). At ERRA, he developed analyses tools for strategy evaluation, implementation plans, associated management systems at the field level including survey designs, data collection tools, data flows, sampling methods and information management schemes. In the span of 2 years at ERRA, he supervised a team of 28 social surveyors to conduct 8 output, 2 outcome level surveys and 1 Impact Assessment study.

Rizwan holds a Master's in Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering.


(Last updated: April 18, 2010)


DAR, Sohaib Saleem

Manager, Finance & Accounts

Sohaib Saleem is currently working for LEAD as the Manager of Finance and Accounts. He is responsible for managing the Finance and Accounts Unit for timely planning, development, delivery, monitoring and evaluation..In addition, he provides guidance and support to the finance staff for setting up effective arrangements for the successful implementation of LEAD’s projects .

With more than seven years of experience in the field of Accounting, Corporate Reporting, Taxation, Auditing and all other ancillary financial matters, Sohaib is willing to contribute his maximum efforts for his department's smooth operations. Before joining LEAD, he was associated with Zaver Petroleum Corporation Limited of Hashoo Group as Assistant Controller (Accounts & Joint Ventures) and was responsible for reporting for all Company’s Financial Matters. Prior to joining Zaver, he was working with KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co as Audit Supervisor and was assigned to various National and International audit engagements of companies engaged in Energy and Natural Resources, Hospitability, Construction, Manufacturing and Development Sector like BHP Petroleum Pty Limited, Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, Hashwani Hotels Limited, Tourism Promotion Services Limited, ESBI Contracting limited etc.

Sohaib is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), which is the most prestigious professional qualification of Pakistan.

(Last updated: April 07, 2014)


KHAN, Babar Naseem

Manager, Climate Change Governance & Regional Manager, CDKN Asia

Mr. Babar Naseem Khan joined LEAD Pakistan as the Climate Change Governance Manager. He brings to LEAD over 13 years of extensive experience in planning projects and programs on climate change adaptation, policy review on water and poverty reduction and resource mobilization by working with organizations including the World Bank and DFID.

Having completed his Masters in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), Mr. Khan focused his career on environmental management by consulting for World Wide Fund for Nature Pakistan, United Nations Development Program, World Bank, LEAD Pakistan, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and Asian Development Bank.

His experience working with International Organizations and expertise on managing programs for sustainable livelihoods and ecosystem preservation are an asset to LEAD.

(Last updated: March 27, 2014)




Regional Research Manager, CDKN Asia & Manager, Program Development Department 

Mr. Arif Pervaiz brings to LEAD over 16 years of experience in Environmental Management and Social Development. Being a General Manager of the Program Development Department, he is a central knowledge base for the informed development of programs and support to the implementation of proposed projects. His extensive experience of program development, implementation and management, along with consultancy work with numerous international and national organizations is valuable to LEAD Pakistan.

During his work as Development Assistance Advisor for USAID in Karachi from 2010 to 2013, Mr. Pervaiz provided strategic advice and analysis for the management of Water and Disaster Response projects and Public-Private Partnerships. Having served as a representative for USAID activities to the government, private sector, civil society and donor agencies, he has a record of fostering relationships with stakeholders that are of fundamental importance to LEAD. His work as the City Director of the Clinton Climate Initiative in Karachi, Country Manager for WaterAid (Pakistan) and Sr. Coordinator of IUCN’s Program and Development Departments in Bangkok and Karachi make him an expert on managing projects supporting environmental management. This includes the development of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions abatement projects, the implementation of capacity building programs for access to safe water and sanitation, and policy development for biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation. Given LEAD’s current Climate Change and Water Programs, Mr. Arif is a source of incredible knowledge for critical decision-making and planning activities of the organization.

He acquired Master’s degrees in Environmental Management and Management of NGOs from the National University of Singapore (2002) and London School of Economics (1997) respectively. With his educational background, he consulted for organizations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the International Institute for Environment & Development (UK). Amongst his various consultancy assignments, Mr. Pervaiz has proposed social and environmental frameworks for coal mining projects, evaluated pollution abatement plans, reported on the evolution of Civil Society Organizations such as the Orangi Pilot Project (OPP), and conducted advocacy work on urban water and sanitation.

(Last updated: April 10, 2014)


Khan, Dina

Country Programme Manager, CDKN Asia

As part of the regional Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) team based at LEAD Pakistan, Dina steers and manages CDKN’s programme in Indonesia that supports decision-makers in the design and delivery of climate compatible development policies and plans in partnership with global experts and local partners.

Dina also supports CDKN’s Global Public Goods (GPG) and Knowledge and Networks (KN) components with research capacity building, policy-outreach, and learning initiatives in Asia. She previously led research and technical assistance projects designed to support CCD policy making in South, Southeast, and Central Asia. 

Before joining CDKN in 2011, Dina was developing and managing LEAD Pakistan’s pioneering Climate Action Programme (L-CAP) that spearheaded the establishment of several climate change fora, including the Knowledge Network on Climate Change (KNCC), Climate Leaders Action Network (CLAN) and National Alliance for Climate Action (NACA). She has years of programme design and development experience in areas including education, livelihoods development, and climate change.

Dina has worked on grass-roots issues with a community organization in KPK and has also worked with a USAID funded competitiveness support programme. She holds an MBA from the Institute of Management Sciences, Pakistan and a Masters in HR Management from the University of Durham, UK. Dina is a LEAD Fellow, Cohort 12.


(Last updated: April 28, 2014)


KAKAKHEL, Kashmala Shahab

Coordinator, Program Development Department
Country Programme Manager, CDKN Asia

Kashmala is currently working with LEAD Pakistan as Country Programme Manager for Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) which supports decision-makers in designing and delivering climate compatible development. She has managed a range of projects in Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan; issues range from developing M&E tools for Community Based Adaptation, building a Framework of Loss & Damage for Least Developed Countries, to developing policy briefs for country delegations to the International Climate Negotiations and undertaking research studies on concerns of Climate Migration.

When she joined LEAD in June 2009, among other Research projects, she also managed Cohort 14. Prior to LEAD Pakistan, she was working with Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy. Her publications include: Government-CSOs Partnerships; towards promoting a PPP Framework’, ‘Corporate Philanthropy in Pakistan; survey of public listed companies, ‘Collaboration between Government and Civil Society Organisations in Pakistan’ and ‘Going beyond Business; intelligent corporate philanthropy’.

She holds a BSC Economics from the prestigious London School of Economics, External Program.


(Last updated: April 28, 2014)


KIANI, Haseeb Ahmad

Coordinator, Project Management Department
Senior In-Country Training Officer, Training for Pakistan Project

Haseeb brings to LEAD rich and diverse experience in areas of sustainable development with national/foreign organizations undertaking activities in areas such as peace building/conflict resolution; governance; election monitoring; capacity building, solid waste management and gender.

His role is to coordinate the planning and execution of various projects/trainings undertaken by LEAD/partner organization. Major responsibilities are ensuring that project reporting/work plans are delivered as prescribed and supervising budget following policies set by the donors/clients besides conflict resolution and team building.

Haseeb spent more than four years with PAIMAN Alumni Trust as Program Manager developing/executing several projects/programs. He has a master’s in Political Science, PMP course from BMC-PMI-USA and has attended various work-related diplomas and training courses at home and abroad.

He has completed the Legislative Fellowship with the State Department in the US enjoying three prominent statuses i.e. Legislative Fellow, State Department USA/World Learning, Certified Election Day official Cuyahoga County, Ohio-USA and State Alumni USA.He was selected among the sixteen Central and South Asian Legislative Fellows for the presentation of legislative program to the State Department and Congress in Washington DC.

Haseeb hosted as an anchor a series of four TV programs on Youth Civic Education and has participated in numerous TV/Radio programs as panelist on socio-political issues. He also led two delegations to India. He is certified master trainer on peace-building and conflict resolution from Karauna Center USA.

Haseeb joined LEAD as Coordinator PMD in September 2010 and was transferred to our Partner organization World Learning's Project Training for Pakistan as Senior In-country Training Officer in January 2014.

(Last updated: February 24, 2014)




Coordinator, Climate Change Program

Arif Rahman is working as LEAD Pakistan’s Coordinator for Climate Change in the Program Development Department (PDD) since April 2013.
He conducts research and analysis on a broad array of issues related to climate change. With an M. Phil in Environmental Economics from the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), he is particularly interested in the economic and development aspects of Climate Change, specializing in quantitative vulnerability assessments, Climate Change vulnerability indices, and the complex interplay of socio-economic factors and Climate Change.  

Being a passionate teacher at heart he teaches Environmental Economics and Climate Change Courses to graduate students at several universities. He also looks after the Management Training Program at LEAD Pakistan.


(Last updated: April 07, 2014)



MALIK, Mehrunisa

Associate Coordinator and Learning & Knowledge Network Officer (CDKN)

Mehrunisa is working as an Associate Coordinator to assist with knowledge management and dissemination, especially for the Climate & Development Knowledge Network (CDKN. She brings on board experience in environmental and social management having worked for WWF, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) and Hagler Bailly Pakistan.

To contribute towards environmental and social sustainability, Mehrunisa undertook projects to strengthen community-based initiatives and best practices for environmental protection. She collaborated with numerous partners in the sector to collect and monitor poverty-environment indicators that can be used when planning and evaluating development projects. Her experience of donor mapping, work to develop strategies to engage the public sector and understanding of environmental problems specific to Pakistan are valuable to LEAD.

Mehrunisa’s educational background includes a Master’s of Science in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London and a Bachelor’s degree in a combined program for Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics from the University of Warwick.

(Last updated: May 07, 2014)



Program Officer, Project Management Department

Asma joined LEAD as Program Officer in Project Management Department. She has around 9 years of diverse experience working with International and national organizations, also international professional experience on policy and decision-making processes, political and electoral dynamics; having good grasp of challenges and accomplishments of the legislative strengthening programs, earned by working with the parliamentarians and the parliamentary staff. Her professional expertise comprise program development, coordination and management; trainings and capacity building programs.

Asma has done her masters in Applied Psychology. She is also an alumni of Pakistan Legislative Fellows Program.

She is currently transferred to our Partner organization World Learning's Project Training for Pakistan in February 2014.

(Last updated: February 24, 2014)



Finance and Accounts Officer, Operations Department

Kashif Rasheed is working with LEAD since June 2012 mainly looking after Financial Statements, Audits, Donor Financial Reporting & Liaison. He completed his CA Tenure with Khalid Majid Chartered Accountants Firm in 1998 & possesses diversified professional experience of more than 20 years spread over Manufacturing Concerns, the Development Sector, Service Industry and FMCG. Before joining LEAD, he had worked under Managerial Cadre with various organizations including Pak Gulf Construction (The Centaurus) Islamabad, National Commission for Human Development and SDC-IC as well. He Loves Driving, Hiking and Reading Islamic Literature.


(Last updated: April 07 2014)



HUSSAIN, Muhammad Yousaf

Associate Coordinator, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Section

Yousaf excelled in LEAD from an intern in ICT (April 2006) to Associate Coordinator in March 2009. He currently handles LEAD’s ICT systems, including LAN/WAN, configuration, e-mails, web and data-servers and provides IT services/training to LEAD staff.

Before joining LEAD, Yousaf worked as an IT Coordinator with ActionAid Pakistan. He has a Master’s in Computer Science from Mohi-Ud-Din Islamic University, Nerian Sharif, AJK.

LEAD is grooming Yousaf - he was supported for the following training: Microsoft Certified System Engineer MCSE-2003 from COMSATS; Understanding Camera and Lens: Exploring Effective Avenues of Nature Photography” from The Pakistan Wetlands Program; ISO 9001:2008 Introduction and Internal Auditing; and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, Internal Auditing [United Registrar of Systems - a subsidiary of Standards Holding Group – United Kingdom and System & Services Certification Islamabad. LEAD has also motivated him to pursue The Certified Information Security Manager – ISO 27001 ISMS.

(Last updated: April 07, 2014)



Associate Coordinator, Communication Unit

Abbas is assisting the communication department at LEAD as Associate Coordinator since February 2011. Abbas has considerable experience in media and communication with an expertise in software designing. He believes that social media is the new way forward and is utilizing his skills in ensuring that LEAD Pakistan has an effective presence in print, broadcast and online media.

Prior to joining LEAD, Abbas worked as a reporter and communication officer for a private news agency.  He has been involved with the journalism field for six years.

Abbas has a Masters degree in Political Science from AJK University. He also did a two months course in Online Journalism from the International Institute of Journalism, West Berlin, Germany in 2010. His first love is blogging and he is currently pursuing that through his own blog, Jazbablog.com.

(Last updated: May 22, 2012)



AHMED, Muhammad Nauman 
Associate Coordinator, Administration Unit

Nauman is working as an Associate Coordinator for LEAD’s Administration unit since August 2011. He is responsible for providing support to the LEAD Pakistan staff as related to logistics and procurement functions. He also helps in the managing of ambience and overall outlook of LEAD premises and reporting according to the organization’s standards.

Nauman did his MBA in HR from IQRA University and Masters in Energy Management from COMSATS University. Before joining LEAD, he was with SACH-Struggle for Change as HR/Admin officer. During his leisure time, he loved to play cricket and browse the internet to stay updated on the latest car models.

(Last updated: April 07, 2014)


ASFAR, Muhammad
Associate Coordinator, Project Management Department (PMD)

Asfar has diverse experience in the development sector in the area of program development, project management, HID, capacity building and research. He is working with LEAD Pakistan as an Associate Coordinator for the Project Management Department, extending implementation support to the projects commenced from LEAD Pakistan’s platform.

Prior to LEAD Pakistan he has worked with a national level NGO as a Program Development Officer. He has also worked on a broad range of consulting and training projects during service at a development consulting and training organization.

Asfar has extensively traveled across all the provinces of Pakistan for the accomplishment of different professional assignments. He has remained involved in different youth related activities and has represented youth on different national and international forums.

He has done an MBA and looks forward to his academic growth in the area of economic development.


(Last updated: April 07, 2014)


Associate Coordinator, Project Management Department (PMD)

Saad joined LEAD in November, 2012 as Associate Coordinator in Project Management Department. He is assisting PMD in their on-going education sector projects by providing .technical support and assistance to the General Manager in all aspects of programme management, coordination, and monitoring. In order to communicate the results of projects, Saad creates project related publications, reports, research papers, and presentations. He also identifies and resolves implementation problems under the General Manager’s guidance.

Prior to joining LEAD, He worked as Programme Manager at Value Resources Pvt. Ltd., for 3 years during which he led the project management teams looking after Research & M&E projects.

He has recently returned from the United Kingdom after completing his Masters in Programme & Project Management from University of Warwick. He has also done Bachelors in Business Administration degree from FAST-NU, Islamabad.

Saad loves travelling and meeting people from different cultures. His dream is to go on an exploratory cross-country road trip across Pakistan.

(Last updated: April 10, 2014)


ZEB, Anam

Associate Coordinator, Project Management Department (PMD)

Anam is currently assisting the Project Management Department at LEAD as an Associate Coordinator. Since November 2011, she has been responsible for day-to-day operational management of all the projects assigned to her in consultation with the General Manager.. She is passionate about development and climate change adaptation and mitigation, particularly in the rural areas of Pakistan. Anam has volunteered at various organizations during her student life, including the Pakistan Foundation fighting Blindness, De Laas Gul and the Kaghan Memorial Trust.

She holds a Master of Science Degree in the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources from the University of Leicester, from its world renowned Geography Department. Her thesis, which was recently accepted, was titled ‘A Paradigm shift toward Integrated Water Resource Management in the Mardan District, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa in Pakistan with a particular focus on Irrigation Water and groundwater’.

Anam is an animal lover and an avid reader. She enjoys being outdoor and intends to travel throughout rural Pakistan.

 (Last updated: April 07, 2014)

MIRZA, Usman

Associate Coordinator, Water Programme - Program Development Department (PDD)

Usman, working at LEAD since May 2013, currently leads the Water Programme at LEAD Pakistan. He is passionate about water and believes it to be the source of life, a conduit for social capital formation and the lifeline for Pakistan's economic growth. Trained in public policy, economics and management, Usman is committed to use his work to engage and inform better policy making. To avert a looming water crises, Pakistan needs its policy/decision makers to come up with an integrated and coherent policy for water governance based on research, evidence, knowledge and experience. Usman, through his work at LEAD aspires to bridge the knowledge-policy-action gap.

He completed his Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (Awarded Highest Distinction) from Carnegie Mellon University, USA and B.Sc (Hons) Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan. Through his education and experience, Usman brings to LEAD expertise in research, policy analysis and writing. He is published in the fields of Water, Climate Change and, prior to joining LEAD, had been involved in research projects with Carnegie Mellon University and the Government of South Australia.

Usman loves travelling, eating and is a keen admirer of historical buildings and cultural heritage sites. A place is not worth living or even visiting without fine art, architecture and cuisine.  

 (Last updated: April 07, 2014)

RIAZ, Areej

Associate Coordinator, Program Development Department (PDD)

Areej joined LEAD Pakistan, bringing her expertise in carbon management from University of Glasgow to contribute towards LEAD’s role in the Climate Development and Knowledge Network (CDKN) project for Asia. Interested in bringing an environmental revolution to Pakistan, she is passionate about climate justice, spreading environmental awareness and reducing poverty through sustainable development solutions. Areej has over 6 years of experience working with Crichton Carbon Centre in Scotland, British Council, various industries and National bodies including Orkney Island Council (UK) and Dumfries and Galloway Council (UK) on resource efficiency, environmental assessments and impact appraisals. She has during this time authored and published a policy brief on ‘Sustainable Business Models – A Transformative Business force for SMEs’ and a scientific report on ‘Environmental Performance of SMEs – a case of Sustainable Process Improvement programme’.

Her dedication towards environmental protection is reflected by her (co) creation of a youth collaboration called Hum Pakistan in association with JAWAN providing environmental relief and rehabilitation services to victims of natural disasters. Areej has also been active during her studies at Kinnaird College in voicing environmental concerns at platforms like Lahore Chamber of Commerce, animal rights with animal welfare organizations and drafting socially active citizens projects with British Council.

 (Last updated: March 27, 2014)


SIDDIQUE , Muhammad Adnan

Assistant, Finance & Accounts

Adnan is working for LEAD Pakistan’s Finance Department since August 2011 as a Finance Assistant. His responsibilities include ensuring the compliance of LEAD rules and regulations of financial processes, financial records and reports, preparing financial statements and e-filling annual tax returns. Adnan is also in charge of processing salaries for the Head Office & Project Offices, disbursing payments, performing core Cash Management Operations, supporting accurate and timely closing of Fixed Assets & Inventory modules, and ensuring that Accounts are recorded and managed on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Previously, he worked as a Finance Executive at Pak-Gulf Construction Private Limited (The Centaurus). His work included the preparation of financial statements, bookkeeping, processing of payments and supervising of Accounts Payable functions. The latter included party accounts management, maintenance of the Fixed Assets register and preparation and analysis of schedules for Account Receivables.

He has done his MBA in Finance from Comsats Institute of Information & Technology. Adnan is married and he plays cricket and listening to music in his free time.


(Last updated: April 07, 2014)



CHAUDHRY, Naseer Ahmad

Contracts officer, CEO Secretariat

Naseer is not new to LEAD. During its nascent years from 1996 to 2001, he managed LEAD’s Finance Department as the Finance Manager and proceeded to join The Pan-Asian Group as Executive Secretary till his retirement from the Group in June 2010. LEAD has attracted him back as the CEO’s Assistant where he ensures smooth office-management of the CEO Secretariat. 

Naseer also worked for USAID, Islamabad Pakistan for 12 years and his last position was Program Manager, Energy Planning and Development Project.  He has a Master’s degree in Economics with Statistics from the Punjab University, Lahore. He is married with three kids and lives in Rawalpindi.


(Last updated: April 07, 2014)


ULLAH, Hafiz

Administrative Assistant, Administration Unit

Hafiz is working as an Administrative Assistant for LEAD’s Administration Unit since December 2011.  He lends his support to the Administration Unit by providing support to LEAD Pakistan’s staff as related to logistics, procurement functions and administration related reporting, inventory and filing.

Hafiz has also assisted the Project Management Department from time to time as a trusted resource. He has worked as field supervisor and coordinator and has supported project teams in data collection, data management and report writing thus requiring extensive engagement and coordination with field teams.

He initially worked as a Program Assistant for the Project Management Department at LEAD from June 2010 to December 2011. During this period he assisted with the management of community based programmes and other projects.

He has a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology Karachi.


(Last updated: April 07, 2014) 


Young Professional Officer, Research Unit

LEAD’s young anthropologist Hamza Siddiq joined as a Young Professional Officer (YPO). Having completed his undergraduate and graduate level studies in anthropology and international development from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) respectively, Hamza is well trained to conduct qualitative research using distinct communication skills. Hamza intends to use his specialized academic knowledge of international development to conduct field work along with research. His experience assisting with ethnographic studies in Lahore and London, and his volunteering experience in Indonesia and the UK working with children are an asset to LEAD. His experience has enabled him to develop cultural sensitivity towards members of different communities.

Hamza has also worked as a Teaching Assistant at LUMS for a course called “South Asian Diasporas”, a Research Associate at LSE and a Postgraduate Consultant for VSO (London), an organization engaged in promoting social sustainable development.

 (Last updated: April 21, 2014)


HASSAN, Shiraz

Programe Associate - Project Management Department (PMD)

While Shiraz joined LEAD as a Young Professional Officer for the Research and Training Units in July 2013, he currently works as a Program Associate. He has the experience of evidence based policy research, trainings and urbanization issues. Before assuming his responsibilities at LEAD, he was a Research Associate at Technology Up gradation and Skills Development Company (TUSDEC), which is a sister organization of the Ministry of Production. Prior to TUSDEC, he had worked as a Research Associate at the Development Policy Research Center (DPRC), LUMS.

Shiraz has done a BSc (Hons) Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences. He is also planning to do a master in Urban Planning after gaining 3-4 years of experience in development.

He is also interested in water management problems and has a publication in DPRC LUMS; ‘Pricing Irrigation Water in Pakistan’. He is fond of travelling and watching documentaries.

He is currently transferred to our Partner organization World Learning's Project Training for Pakistan and is involved in conducting trainings pertinent to Education, Economic Growth & Agriculture. Shiraz is expected to implement capacity building practices by working with the partner organization.

 (Last updated: February 24, 2014)

RASHEED, Khurram

Programe Associate - Project Management Department (PMD)

Khurram is working for LEAD Pakistan as a Program Associate. Being a Social Scientist who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in 2012, Khurram has acquired experience in the development sector by working for USAID’s Agribusiness Project and the European Commission’s TUSDEC Ministry of Production. In order to collect data for research purposes, he has travelled across various districts of Pakistan including marginalized areas such as Bajour Agency and Malakand. He is also knowledgeable on the performance of different Public and Private organizations working in the Agriculture sector having closely worked with them to conduct workshops, retrieve data and formulate reports.
As an ambitious young individual interested in working with results-oriented organizations, Khurram is highly motivated to work for LEAD. He has also taken part in an exchange program at the University of Deusto in Spain which enhanced his knowledge on development and international law.

He is currently transferred to our Partner organization World Learning's Project Training for Pakistan where he is providing necessary facilitation to develop and implement capacity building projects Khurram is managing information related to trainings in order to ensure all training requirements are in line with the partner organization’s mandate.

 (Last updated: April 10, 2014)

ZAMAN, Ambreen

Programe Officer - Project Management Department (PMD)

Ambreen works for LEAD Pakistan as a Program Officer. Ms. Zaman has 11 years of experience working in the fields of academia, marketing and management. She has taught various undergraduate and graduate courses in Marketing, Interpersonal & Self-Management Skills and Management. She has conducted over 21 training workshops while working at the Iqra University. Her workshops have focused on topics ranging from Public Speaking and Career Enhancement to the Empowerment of Women in the Political Spheres of Pakistan.

She acquired a Masters of Public Administration from Fatima Jinnah Women University (Rawalpindi) in 2002 and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Physics & Statistics from F.G College for Women (Islamabad) in 1998.

She is currently transferred to our Partner organization World Learning's Project Training for Pakistan where she is assisting with the development and implementation of capacity building projects. She is responsible for learning from the organization’s rich experience to build upon the best capacity building practices.. Ambreen is also an International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumni; the theme of the program was “Women Business Empowerment”.

 (Last updated: April 10, 2014)

SALEEM, Shabnum

Programe Associate - Project Management Department (PMD)

Shabnum is working for LEAD Pakistan as a Program Associate to contribute towards environmental and social sustainability using her research skills. Before joining LEAD Pakistan she was working at PAIMAN as an Assistant Program Officer, she worked on research projects including Education in the Tribal Belts of Pakistan and Peace and Conflict Resolution in FATA. Given her double Masters degree in Politics and International Relations, Shabnum has conducted critical studies on topics such as the Marxist Theory of Surplus Value, Iran-Pak-India Gas Pipeline Project and the Impact of Israel’s Nuclear Program on the Middle East.

Shabnum acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Islamic Studies from Cantt College for Girls (Wah Cantt) in 2006.

She is currently transferred to our Partner organization World Learning's Project Training for Pakistan in order to play a critical role in developing and implementing capacity building projects Shabnum is assisting with the smooth functioning of training activities and managing information related to projects.

 (Last updated: April 10, 2014)

KHAN, Shamail Adnan

Program Assistant, Project Management Department (PMD)

Shamail Adnan Khan is working with LEAD since September 2013 and currently serves as a Program Assistant in the Project Management Department (PMD). He is a passionate and young individual who is ready to put forth his best efforts for the organization. Shamail believes he has the essential capabilities, as well as the much desired commitment, to work and serve LEAD in a meaningful way.

Prior to LEAD, he worked with Shell Pakistan as a team-member (Lahore Region) for one of their CSR project, called ‘Tameer’, and UNDP-SDPD as an intern in the Foreign Affairs & Media Department.

He completed his undergraduate studies in Economics & Politics from LUMS. Recently, his research essay entitled, “Pak-US Relations: Common and Clashing Interests (1989 - 2013)” has been accepted for publication in the Spring 2014 issue of JAPH (Journal of Asian Politics & History), a peer-reviewed academic journal by APHA (Asian Politics & History Association-Hong Kong).

Shamail is an avid adventurer who likes to travel whenever any such possibility can be availed. Moreover, he likes to watch movies, and documentaries in addition to sports.

He also intends to go on a round-the-world trip.


 (Last updated: April 21, 2014)

HASHMI , Najeeb

Assistant Accounts

Najeeb Hashmi is working as a Finance and Accounts Assistant at LEAD’s Operations Department since January 2012. Najeeb possesses professional experience of about 4 years in the field of Accounts and Finance. He is responsible for Donor Financial Reporting, especially being a focal finance person for CDKN related matters with respect to LEAD Pakistan.

Before joining LEAD, he worked as an Accountant for a construction firm in Islamabad.

He holds a Masters degree in commerce from Hazara University.


(Last updated: April 07, 2014)


Event - Information Managment Officer

Asifa Bhatti has been working for LEAD since July 2013 and serves as an Event & Information Management Officer in the CEO Secretariat (CEOS). Her role is to manage databases for the successful implementation of events.

Asifa has done her MCS from Al-Khair University. She has a decade long experience in different fields, including Sales, Marketing, Trainings and Administration departments of the Pharmaceutical sector. She also worked for LEAD Pakistan from 2005-2006 as an Internal Auditor. Before rejoining LEAD, she was working with a Pharmaceutical Company as the Manager of Administration & Coordination with its Marketing Team in Karachi.

She loves to cook and is also interested in travelling and reading books.

 (Last updated: April 07, 2014)

AKHTAR, Maryam

Program Assistant, Project

Research & Communication Unit

Maryam joined LEAD Pakistan to work as a Program Assistant for the Research and Communication departments. She completed her undergraduate studies in Geography and Environmental Management from the University of Waterloo (Canada) and is interested in understanding social and environmental problems from an urban planning perspective. Her undergraduate experience trained her to become an academic researcher and environmentalist. In June 2013, she undertook a field course with Reykjavík University on Renewable Energy and Sustainability based in Iceland. This experience increased her knowledge of international initiatives being taken to mitigate climate change and to develop policies supporting environmental sustainability.

She has also worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Waterloo for a course called “Environment and Development in a Global Perspective”. Maryam is fluent in French, English and Urdu due to her experience living in different countries.

 (Last updated: March 21, 2014)



Front Desk In-charge, Administration Unit

Marianne, is working as the Front Desk Officer at LEAD since August 2011. She facilitates and assists the staff members in communication support and correspondence.

Before joining LEAD Pakistan, she worked as Admin Officer at Excel Lab. She has done her BBA in HR from Fatima Jinnah Women University. In her spare time, she likes reading novels and surfing the internet.


 (Last updated: April 07, 2014)



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