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Stakeholder dialogue on role of demand side financing and social safety nets in Health & building institutional bridges for climate governance in public health, 18-19 September at Lahore
  •  IlmIdeas Strengthening Education Governance in Sindh

    The project is aimed at strengthening local governance mechanisms through active citizens’ voice in the education sector in Sindh
  •  LRH Strengthening Education Governance in Punjab

    The project aims to enable informed public dialogue around policies and challenges in improving the performance of the education sector in Punjab in the aftermath of the 18th amendment
  •  LRH Women Leadership for Organic Farming

    This project aims sensitize the female farmers of District Okara so that they can harness the potential of organic farming which yields higher profits and larger market access.
  • CLEAR Climate Leadership for Effective Adaptation and Resilience (CLEAR)

    This project will partner with climate vulnerable communities to enhance their climate adaptation ability and Develop Local Adaptation Plans of Actions in 10 districts.
  • GIZ Building capacity on climate change adaptation in coastal areas of Pakistan

    The project aims to address the need of coastal communities in Sindh & Balochistan to adapt to the problem of sea level rise.
  • LAPA Local Adaptation Plans of Action (LAPA)

    LAPA focused on the water sector into policies, strategies and action plans dealing with Climate Change at district level in Pakistan. The project is funded by BHC.
  • CDKN Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

    The CDKN is a new initiative designed to support developing countries in tackling the challenges posed by climate change. It was launched by the UK government
  • WL Women Leadership - Our World

    In partnership with David Lucile and Packard Foundation, the project’s aim is to have sensitized a cross-sectoral network of women leaders to the issues of RH and lead change within their spheres of influence
  •  LRH Leadership for Reproductive Health (LRH)

    In partnership with David Lucile and Packard Foundation, this project will develop an interlocking matrix to undertake a sustained improvement in the Reproductive Health indicators


To mobilize support for a value-based and effective service delivery for environment and sustainable development to progress and excel as a value-add institution for its stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries including critics.



To create and nurture networks of people and institutions promoting change towards the sustainable development – the development that is economically sound, environmentally responsible and socially equitable. more

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Wetland technology could ease Pakistan's water woes, 09 September,  2012

LEAD Fellow Saleem Sheikh writes about Pakistan's first ever wetland project that brings substantial benefits for local people, as well as farmers of Shaheed Benazirabad district, some 271 km (168 miles) northeast of Karachi. The farmers of this area say that use of treated wastewater has invigorated their farmlands by increasing its fertility level, and they are now saving the money they used to spend on applying costly fertilisers and other inputs for boosting soil fertility. Read More

Climate Adaptation Troubles Karachi’s Planners, 07 September,  2012

Climate proofing this bustling port city is a daunting task for planners who must consider factors ranging from proneness to flooding and administrative malaise to the fact that 60 percent of its 18 million people live in slums. The Economist Intelligence Unit in its latest global survey of living conditions released in August rated Karachi as the seventh least liveable city, placing it 134th in the world out of a list of 140 countries. Read More

Green Climate Fund — the saving grace? 05 September,  2012

Who could have thought that the Arctic ice would turn into a big slush, small islands like Kiribati would be looking for land in other countries to relocate their population and Lake Chad, a source of fresh water and livelihood for six African nations, would shrink to the size of Manhattan? Read what Farrukh Iqbal, the lead negotiator for the Pakistan delegation to the UN Climate talks, has to say about these changes. Read More

REDD+ initiative for saving forests in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 04 September, 2012

LEAD Fellow Zubair Torwali writes about the forest resources in Pakistan that are severely threatened by growing consumption of fuel wood and illegal logging. Torwali says although forests cover 2.5 per cent of the country’s land but it is feared that if immediate action is not taken this natural resource would be totally consumed within next 15 years. Read More


Pitcher irrigation brings vegetables to Pakistani desert, 03 September, 2012

LEAD Fellow Saleem Sheikh writes about the method of pitcher irrigation used by the farmers of Padhrio village in Sanghar district. Saleem says that the method has expanded to 14 villages also provided a fresh source of income for more than 200 families who previously thought it impossible to farm vegetables on these dry lands. Read More


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News and Events

Identification and exploration of emerging research issues in Millennium Development Goals and Health, 18 Sep 2012 at Lahore. For details click here


Identification and exploration of emerging research issues in Population, Health and Climate Change, 19 Sep 2012 at Lahore. For details click here


IPCC SREX National Outreach – Pakistan, has ended on 27th July, 2012 at Islamabad. For highlights of the event please click here


E-learning course on "Developing Project Proposal on Climate Change Adaptation". Date to be announced soon.


Integrated Water  Resource Management: A tool kit for Climate Change. Date to be announced soon.


National Consultation on Green Economy has ended on 19th May, 2012. For highlights of the event please click here.

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