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Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative

This project was initiated by the Government of Bangladesh and motivated by the need to understand more about the emerging issue of climate-induced loss and damage. In order to move the debate on loss and damage forward for the benefit of the least developed and other vulnerable countries, we worked with the Government to build momentum and a common understanding around loss and damage. We also provided insight into what it entails for vulnerable countries like Bangladesh.

Through this project, LEAD Pakistan and CDKN achieved the following:

  • Under the auspices of Germanwatch, we helped build the capacity of vulnerable countries and stakeholders on loss and damage discussions and, in a general sense, supported the UNFCCC process on this issue;
  • Contributed to the emerging policy debates around loss and damage through several discussion and framing inputs;
  • At the request of a group of least developed countries (LDCs), the United Nations University gathered empirical evidence around loss and damage in vulnerable countries. In support of these efforts, CDKN developed several outputs that helped to set-up an emerging scientific understanding of the various facets of loss and damage.
  • Supported national activities around ICCCAD, which spearheaded several activities on loss and damage in Bangladesh. At a later stage of the project these were widened to discussions on the impact of climate change and possible approaches to address loss and damage in parts of Asia.

Other Details

Start Date:11/01/2011
End Date:03/31/2013
Funded by:CDKN


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