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Facilitating Karachi Commissioner’s Office on Heatwave Management

Climate change is fuelling more intense and frequent heatwaves across South Asia. Urban centres in particular have borne the brunt with thousands of fatalities, as we have already witnessed in both India and Pakistan in recent years. Given the impact of these extreme heat events, not only on the environment but also on public health, most policymakers are at a loss for how to respond.

This was also the case during the deadly heatwave that struck Karachi in the summer of 2015.

Based on our experience in developing a successful Heat Health Action Plan for the Indian city of Ahmedabad, (along with effective community outreach), we recognised that an inclusive, multi-sectoral approach would help to address the challenge of heatwave management in Pakistan.

Working with the Karachi Commissioner’s Office over a two-year period (January 2015-December 2016), we were able to convince the local government of the need for a ‘systems’ approach in designing and delivering a heatwave management plan. We also got strong buy-in from stakeholders through consultative and public engagement workshops. These workshops encouraged support for citywide heatwave management and improved the participants’ understanding of the institutional challenges and knowledge gaps related to heatwave management.

We are proud to say that the project culminated in the launch of Pakistan’s first Heatwave Management Plan and supplementary Regional Toolkit.

We are grateful to our partners, CDKN, The Urban Unit and ESSA Technologies, for their contribution.

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Start Date:11/01/2015
End Date:12/31/2016
Funded by:DFID, DGIS
Supplier(s):The Urban Unit


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