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Achieving Green Growth in Developing Countries: the Political Economy of Energy Security

The project explores how the political economy of energy security influences the ambition and implementation of national green growth plans. The research will consider challenges and opportunities associated with institutional, business and political structures. Local ownership and a political willingness to implement renewable energy and energy efficiency projects is of utmost importance for a long-term impact. From a global climate mitigation perspective this adds to the need for local decision takers and investors to embrace low-carbon development and also increases the potential for meaningful contributions aimed at decarbonising production processes. These circumstances provide ample opportunity for new, low-carbon infrastructure pathways.


  • Focussing on three countries which have all obtained middle-income status and have high projected economic growth in the coming years, this project combines a political economy analysis with a quantitative analysis of green energy pathways compared to a business as usual scenario.
  • The project will develop a conceptual framework as a tool for identifying, framing, and communicating green growth benefits.
  • It involves representatives from relevant parts of government in Colombia, Indonesia and Kenya, and the analysis will inform identification of viable policy options for robust green growth trajectories for each country.


  • Two videos: one on project expectations and one for outreach
  • Op-eds on the project (Colombia)
  • Conceptual study on how to combine PEA with energy security and green growth considerations with mapping of key stakeholders and relevant policy processes in 3 countries
  • Three one-day country workshops (in Bogota, Jakarta and Nairobi)
  • Three Country studies: These will involve identifying options for robust green growth strategies, how they are to be framed and which actors have the influence to pursue them (or block them)
  • Three Country policy briefs
  • Publishing a policy brief and key findings at a public event in the Hague, London or en marge of a UNFCCC meeting. The key findings are to be disseminated to national policy-makers, donors, media, and other (academic) researchers in order to create outreach for the opportunities enshrined in inclusive green growth to reconcile the need for economic growth with sustainable development goals.

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Start Date:02/02/2016
End Date:07/31/2016
Funded by:CDKN


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