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Acting on Adaptation in the Hydro-Electricity Sector

Hydro-electricity is the main contributor to Nepal’s overall power sector. LEAD Pakistan and CDKN conducted an Economic Impact Assessment of Climate Change in Nepal, which identified the hydro-electricity sector as being at risk from climate change impacts and a having a significant lack of adaptive capacity. We found that this had a direct impact on the country’s growth and poverty reduction potential.

Part of this technical assistance project involved hosting a mini-workshop on engaging the private sector in adaptation to climate change in Nepal’s hydro-electricity sector. The workshop was organised by the Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI) and Practical Action Consulting (PAC) in August 2015.

Through this project, we were able to:

  • develop an evidence base on the vulnerability of the hydro-electricity sector to the impacts of climate change (which helped to make a strong case for the benefits of adaptation);
  • identify viable adaptation options that would improve the resilience and productivity of the hydro-electricity sector to benefit Nepal’s growth and poverty reduction targets;
  • understand and address institutional challenges in mainstreaming adaptation in the hydro-electricity sector; and
  • make decision-makers involved in the hydro-electricity sector understand and accept the need for adaptation actions.

Other Details

Start Date:03/01/2015
End Date:02/28/2017
Funded by:DFID, DGIS
Supplier(s):Global Climate Adaptation Partnership, Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI), University of Massachusetts


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