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Supporting Government of Bangladesh on Climate Compatible Development and NDC to UNFCCC

As part of its efforts to strengthen and build the capacity of institutions in the Asian region to realise climate compatible development (CCD), LEAD Pakistan and CDKN supported Bangladesh’s Ministry of Environment and Forests in translating the country’s (I)NDC into concrete plans and interventions that mainstream CCD into various planning processes. The focus was on providing evidence to help shape and develop Bangladesh’s national CCD plans into implementable climate mitigation actions in three economic sectors, i.e. power, industry and transport.

Through this project, we were able to provide the Government of Bangladesh with vital support in terms of advancing the implementation of their commitments and national priorities on climate action. Further, we helped to enhance their understanding of the financial, capacity and technology-related barriers that needed to be overcome in order to take that action. We did this by providing a roadmap and sectoral plans of action for mitigation-related commitments in the (I)NDC.

We also published two knowledge products for future learning and replication in other countries:

  1. a paper analysing the barriers that the Government needed to overcome, especially in terms of capacity, for effective implementation of CCD plans and processes and (I)NDC commitments; and
  2. a paper on lessons learned from the project.

Other Details

Start Date:05/01/2016
End Date:12/31/2016
Funded by:DFID, DGIS


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