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Policy Development on Climate Change for Sindh & Punjab

Under this project, LEAD Pakistan assisted the provincial governments of Sindh and Punjab in developing a climate change policy, using a participatory approach through situation analysis, needs assessment and consultation with relevant stakeholders. The project established an institutional mechanism for coordination with relevant stakeholders to formulate the climate change policy in close consultation with relevant provincial line departments and other stakeholders. The Provincial Climate Change Policy document was submitted to the Cabinets of the Governments of Punjab and Sindh for final approval and implementation by the provincial governments. LEAD Pakistan was the sole agency implementing the project.

The target audience for the project was multi-sectoral, inclusive of policy makers (elected and appointed), civil society organizations (especially those working in the field of environment and/or climate change) academia, specialists (including researchers and practitioners in environment and climate change), media, students, youth and community members.

The methodology of the study helped to gain a better understanding of the scenarios pertinent to both the provinces, while situational analyses of the physical, socioeconomic and environmental conditions of the provinces helped in gathering background information about Climate Change issues and its impact on the economies of Sindh and Punjab. One-on-one interviews conducted with focal persons in the provinces helped to both refine the policy measures. Research briefs developed on key sectors (Water, Agriculture, Food Security, Sustainable Development Goals, Gender, Energy, and Disaster Risk Reduction, etc.) in the provinces served as ancillary documents to the Policy itself. Capacity building of government officials on climate change impacts, situation analyses of relevant sectors and vulnerability assessment was also part of the project.

As of now, the Climate Change Policy for Punjab has been approved by the Steering Committee headed by Chairman P&D Punjab. The Committee includes members from all sectoral departments in the province. In Sindh, meanwhile, a Draft of the Policy is under process, with revisions based on feedback from a range of government sectoral departments, working groups and academia being made. The process of policy planning in both the provinces will be completed by March 2018