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Legislative/Policy Review and Gaps Analysis in Baluchistan on SDG 5

As part of this study commissioned by the UNDP, LEAD Pakistan analyzed the legislative and oversight gaps pertaining to Sustainable Development Goal 5 in the Baluchistan province. Goal 5 of SDGs, labelled as Gender Equality and Empowerment for all Women and Girls, talks about taking comprehensive action to enhance female empowerment by tackling gender discrimination issues. It includes 9 targets and 14 indicators. The targets include ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls everywhere, eliminating all forms of harmful practices such as child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation, recognizing and valuing unpaid care and domestic work through the provision of public services and social protection policies, among other goals.


The intent of this project was to support broader efforts to create enabling legal and policy frameworks for the accomplishment of the relevant targets under Sustainable Development Goal 5 in Baluchistan. This exercise was based on local indicators as per Pakistan’s legislative context regarding women empowerment. Through this report, legislatures provided with;

  • Knowledge about the existing legislative provisions covering the SDG 5; assessing the effectiveness of existing monitoring, implementation, and enforcement mechanisms for existing legislation and analyzing why there are weaknesses in certain areas e.g. weak or lack adequate legislative provisions, lack of capacity, insufficient budgetary allocations etc.
  • Analysis of the implications of weak laws or absence of them.
  • Propose a set of coherent recommendations to address legislative and regulatory gaps in Baluchistan for SDG 5, and for enhancing the effectiveness of monitoring, implementation and enforcement mechanisms for existing legislation. Such gaps will be identified particularly in light of international agreements and conventions to which Pakistan is a part or signatory. These include the Vienna Declaration and the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), among others.

The research strategy drawn on desk reviews and analysis of international, federal and provincial legislation pertaining to SDG 5, consultative sessions with technical experts from a range of civil society organizations (CSOs) and relevant government departments in Baluchistan.

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Start Date:10/01/2016
End Date:01/31/2017
Funded by:UNDP


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