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Supporting SDG Acceleration – Policy Choices and Integrated Approaches

The project comprises of four national case studies from Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh and Pakistan for specific accelerator themes. The Pakistan case study has been awarded to LEAD Pakistan and our approved theme is “Flood Resilience and Protection in Pakistan”.

The Government of Pakistan currently developing 4th National Flood Protection Plan (NFPP-IV) to improve country-wide comprehensive flood management planning, implementation and monitoring to achieve flood management goals through NFPP-IV for the next 10 years and establish reliable information system and database to store and retrieve required information. The NFPP-IV is a flagship policy instrument of GOP worth Rs177.66 billion and will span over 2015-16 to 2024-25. The plan aims at integrated flood management by focusing on both structural and non-structural measures such as reservoir operations, flood forecasting and early warning, flood risk zoning, watershed management, flood proofing and insurance, disaster management and other measures.

The study aims to answer the following questions are

1.    How policy makers identified, designed, and implemented flood resilience in Pakistan?

2.    How flood resilience dynamics can generate acceleration towards implementation of the sustainable development goals?

To answer these questions a mix-method approached is being used with secondary analysis being done in the beginning followed by expert consultations. The analysis are done at two levels. First to trace the evolution of flood protection regime and how GoP moved from one plan to the next. At second level, one specific intervention will be identified as case example to gauge the effectiveness of plans and identify gaps within stated policy and actual implementation.

The findings of the case study will be used by the UNDP-Bangkok Regional Hub, to develop an SDGs Acceleration Toolkit for the Asia and Pacific Region.

Click here to download the report of the project.

Other Details

Start Date:01/01/2016
End Date:02/28/2017
Funded by:UNDP


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