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Performance Based Non-Revenue Water Program – Revenue Enhancement and Communication Strategy

The main objective of this project for F-WASA is to increase its revenue base to ensure reliable, affordable and efficient water and sanitation service delivery to the inhabitants of Faisalabad in a sustainable manner.

In this context, the long term goal for F-WASA is to achieve complete self-sufficiency in meeting its development objectives with full cost recovery While the immediate goal is to meet all the operations expenditure through own revenue and improving operating ratio (which currently stands close to 2).

Following are the two key components for this project:

A.  Revenue Enhancement Strategy
This component comprises of a comprehensive analysis of F-WASA’s billing collection efficiency and provide recommendations on improvements based on the findings of this analysis.

B. Communication Strategy
The objective of this component is to design a community engagement through a communication strategy and an action plan for its implementation. The strategy and campaign will focus on informing the target population about upcoming program activities, expected benefits on completion of the program, seeking citizen’s support in project implementation activities, apprising and preparing them against expected challenges to be encountered during project implementation and enhancing awareness about improved services creating willingness to pay for the services.

  • Develop and implement a Revenue Enhancement Strategy;
  • Provide a comprehensive analysis and recommendations on billing and collection efficiency to improve long term financial viability of F-WASA;
  • Working in close association with the F-WASA team, undertake a quick Communications Need Assessment complete with stakeholder mapping, with a focus on the customers in the pilot area;
  • Develop a communications strategy in light of the Needs Assessment and an action plan for its implementation;
  • Help F-WASA in implementing the communication strategy;
  • Prepare a customer database dashboard (including satellite imagery and customer information) of the pilot area for F-WASA.


Other Details

Start Date:08/01/2017
End Date:12/31/2017
Funded by:World Bank Group


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