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Building Leadership and Political Capacity of Women Elected to Local Bodies in Chitral

Through the proposed intervention Leadership for Environment & Development (LEAD) Pakistan aims to enhance women’s political participation in District Chitral.  The organization seeks to do this by building political/legislative skills of 217 women councilors elected through the 2015 local body election; and selecting proactive members from among them as Cause Champions for enhancing  gender sensitive development agenda at local level.

To set the wheels of change in motion, LEAD-Pakistan will enable women to effectively function as duly elected representatives. The area chosen for the purpose is Expected Outputs and Outcomes:of District Chitral, selected in view of organization’s successful past experience thereat, as well as the diverse party dynamics within the region. Within the district the organization will be focusing on Women Councilors, and will attempt through its interventions to ensure that these newly elected representatives fulfill their duties efficiently.


To enhance women’s political participation in District Chitral by:  

  • Building political/legislative skills of women councilors elected through the 2015 local body election; and
  • Selecting proactive members from among them as Cause Champions for enhancing gender sensitive development agenda at the local level.

Project Beneficiaries:

The proposed intervention stands to benefit 217 local women councilors of District Chitral. 

Expected Outputs and Outcomes:

  • Leadership and political capacity of women councilors will be built
  • Women cause champions will be identified and trained for long-term sustainability of the project
  • Performance delivery of women political leaders will be greatly enhanced



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Other Details

Start Date:05/03/2017
End Date:12/31/2017
Funded by:USAID


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