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Legislative/Policy Review and Gaps Analysis in Balochistan on Sustainable Development Goal 13

This research study on climate change finance and legislative and policy gaps pertaining to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change aims to examine the existing policies, procedures, legislation and regulatory mechanisms that are related to climate change (SDG 13) in the province of Balochistan, Pakistan. This will also involve assessing the role that assembly members play, specifically relating to climate finance and budget oversight.

The study will provide an overview of SDG 13 and the opportunities and challenges in Balochistan in terms of achieving the targets under this goal. It will review the climate change references in existing legislation and key documents, including the Rules of Business and process assessment of uptake by the assembly members for resource allocation and policy compliance.

The study will make recommendations to help strengthen legislative and policy frameworks relating to climate change adaptation and mitigation of SDG 13 in Balochistan to improve budget oversight and addressing implementation challenges.

The proposed multi-method assessment will undertake literature review and analysis of secondary documents related to climate change adaptation and mitigation. Data analysis will be guided by predetermined codes and themes that will emerge from document analysis. The study team will use NVIVO for data analysis. Based on the information collected focus group discussions, and key informant interviews will help triangulate the research findings which will be validated through a workshop.

Project Objective

The Legislative/Policy Review and Gaps Analysis in Balochistan on Sustainable Development Goals 13 expected to:

  • Develop concrete recommendations to strengthen legislative engagement in climate change financing leading to enhanced accountability and improving public oversight;
  • Identify suitable strategies and rules of procedure that facilitate active engagements and consultations with the Balochistan Assembly, elected members and the Secretariat, including participatory inquiry and feedback from CSOs;
  • Provide actionable recommendations towards ensuring that SDG 13 implementation target communities that are most vulnerable to the impacts of Climate Change;
  • Provide and analyze data in the form of measurable indicators that relate to the SDG 13 targets, ensuring that these measure the progress of provincial governance in Balochistan.

Focus and Outreach

The target audience for this research study is multi-sectoral and includes policy makers (elected and appointed); legal and institutional experts; civil society organizations especially those working in the field of climate change; academia, specialists (including researchers (data users and producers) and practitioners in climate change field), and youth.

Other Details

Start Date:10/01/2016
End Date:01/31/2017
Funded by:UNDP


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