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Assessment and Strengthening for CSOs and GOP

A need exists to create enabling mechanisms that will allow Local Organizations to develop their administrative and financial management capabilities and to be attractive partners for donor organizations. USAID Pakistan is setting up such a mechanism through guidance, collaboration and monitoring of the implementing organization. Under this five year project, LEAD Pakistan is partnering with USAID to establish such a mechanism. The key components are:

1. Pre-Award Assessments: Conduct and manage pre-award assessments of prospective local implementing partners
2. Institutional Capacity building of Local Organizations: Increase the institutional capacity of new implementing partners to USAID standards
3. Annual Validation: Perform annual compliance validations to ensure that the new policies and procedures are being properly implemented
4. Research and Development of Best Practices: Encourage research and the development of best practices in the CSO sector
5. Institutional development of awardee(s):  Enhance the awardees’ capacity to respond to USAID’s growing requirements.


Other Details

Start Date:10/10/2010
End Date:10/31/2015
Funded by:USAID


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