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Entrepreneurship Education and Skills Development through School-Based Productive Enterprises

This research examined how entrepreneurship training and skills development through revenue generating, school based, productive enterprises have impacted women positively, and to use the findings to suggest the establishment of a vocational school along similar lines for women in Pakistan.


  • To develop a sound theoretical understanding of revenue generating, school based productive enterprises as a model for delivering vocational and entrepreneurial skills
  • To examine the impact of this model of training delivery on women in terms of skills development, employability and livelihoods through field based research in developing countries with similar gender and economic profiles to Pakistan.
  • To analyse the suitability of replicating the model in Pakistan, identify a suitable women’s vocational school/college and develop a strategy and business plan to set up an institute based on the same model.
  • To share findings with stakeholders, including government, development organisations, educationists, training providers and students, in order to increase awareness of and understanding about this model and its replicability.


1. To develop a research report explaining the model of entrepreneurship education through school-based enterprises and impacts and outcomes for women.
2. To develop a business plan for a girls’ vocational school in Pakistan where the model could be replicated.


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Start Date:10/05/2009
End Date:04/30/2011
Funded by:IDRC


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