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Methods Toolbox For Assessing Loss And Damage At Local Level

The methods toolbox built on experiences from the first ever multi-country study on loss and damage from the perspective of people affected in the least developed and other vulnerable countries, including three in Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal) and one in the Pacific (Federated States of Micronesia).


The proposed activity involves developing a methods toolbox for local-level assessment of loss and damage from climate-related stressors, including sudden-onset events and slow-onset processes. Conceptually and methodologically, the proposed work on loss and damage combines climate change adaptation (CCA)  and disaster risk reduction (DRR) perspectives, as it will look at adaptation to slow-onset climatic changes (including adaptation limits and constraints), as well as the risk-management strategies that people adopt to prevent or minimize disaster losses.


  • Ten journal articles have been published in a special issue on loss and damage in the International Journal for Global Warming in October 2013 (link).
  • Lessons have been learnt about strengths and weaknesses of the methods used.
  • The proposed activity aims to use these experiences to design a methods toolbox that should become a prototype for future assessments of loss and damage by researchers and organizations across the world and particularly in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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Start Date:07/01/2014
End Date:07/31/2016
Funded by:AIDMI, IDS, APN


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