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Vulnerability and Risk Assessment to support implementation of the Uttarakhand Action Plan

The Uttarakhand Action Plan for Climate Change (UAPCC) is a valuable document which provides an overall steer and indication of the Government’s intent with regards to climate change. However, the plan recognizes its limitations due to the weak evidence base on climate change risks and opportunities in the state. LEAD Pakistan supported a Vulnerability and Risk Assessment process in Uttarakhand to provide the Government of Uttarakhand with the evidence base to refine and prioritise the UAPCC.
  • To help evolve ownership and agreement across the Uttarakhand government on the scope, methodology and use of vulnerability assessment of the climate change risks.
  • Identify potential opportunities in building resilience to climate change through an assessment of existing capacities.
  • Provide a context for incorporating climate change concerns in development planning by identifying likely impacts of climate change in Uttarakhand state.
  • Establish a baseline for implementing adaptation strategies for increasing resilience to climate change in the state.
  • Raise awareness at state and national level on climate change vulnerabilities and opportunities.
  • To provide CDKN and the Government of Uttarakhand a work plan for delivering the assessment.


A relevant framework for assessing vulnerability of the State to current and future impacts of climate change, and the opportunities that can be utilised to deliver action plans.

Build government buy-in for the framework being proposed, the scope of the assessment, its purpose and use, the methodology, including data source, work plan including outputs, program governance and timeframes.

As well as, build capacity within the Government machinery to Plan, Implement/ Manage and Evaluate/ Adjust action towards climate change.

Other Details

Start Date:04/02/2014
End Date:04/30/2016
Funded by:CDKN


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