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GLOBE Climate Legislators Initiative – Phase 1

The GLOBE Climate Legislators (GCLI) is dedicated to advancing the legislative response to climate change in 33 key countries and, by doing so, to help create the political conditions for success in the UNFCCC negotiations under the Durban Platform.


The GCLI will strengthen the domestic response to climate change in participating countries, assisting them to enact climate related legislation which can enable the implementation of climate compatible development policies and plans.

A key focus, particularly in developing countries, will be to improve legislation to increase resilience to the impacts of climate change and to reduce disaster risk. By progressing national climate change legislation, it is hoped that countries can be more ambitious in the international negotiations and create greater links between legislators and negotiators.


Baseline existing climate-related legislation in CDKN deep engagement countries, including current legal frameworks relating to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Hold a ministerial-level launch of the GCLI with Christina Figueres and produce a briefing setting out how national climate legislation can encourage greater ambition in international negotiations.

Begin preliminary work in CDKN deep engagement countries to identify and engage with influential cross-party legislators and understand what is needed to advance legislation and how legislators can work with negotiators to support greater ambition in international talks.

Recruiting a local country director, training/capacity building (where required), development of country action plans including more detailed analysis of existing laws, specific recommendations for amendments to existing legislation and, as necessary, drafting dedicated climate legislation and coordination of national GLOBE positions on relevant domestic policy making issues.

Other Details

Start Date:09/01/2012
End Date:04/30/2015
Funded by:CDKN


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