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Integrating Climate Change Into Food Security Data Collection In Nepal

There is currently no comprehensive, nationwide, system for collecting data on the state of climate change in Nepal; the need for improved indicators of the state of climate change has been identified because indicators do assist in the assessment of both vulnerabilities and adaptation needs. Data gaps are a key limitation in responding to climate change induced food insecurity.


The purpose of this project was to fill this indicator gap in Nepal to provide an improved evidence base for climate change planning and programming.


The team analysed The Nepal Food Security Monitoring System (NeKSAP) and proposed 28 indicators to assess vulnerabilities to climate change.

Additionally, the study has proposed 15 district level indicators. The set of 28 indicators were pre-tested, administered and the data obtained analysed for ranking vulnerability. The proposed indicators were called Climate-Sensitive Food Security Indicators (CLIFSI).

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Start Date:11/01/2011
End Date:08/31/2012
Funded by:CDKN


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