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Deepening and Expanding Heat Health Action in India

Climate change is fuelling more intense and frequent heat waves in India. A new scale of coordinated action is essential to protect communities, especially their most vulnerable members, from the dangerous health effects of extreme heat.

In Ahmedabad, Western India, strong local government leadership enabled the highly effective implementation of a pilot Heat Action Plan)- the first of its kind in South Asia – and its continuation following the completion of the pilot project.


The Plan aimed to reduce heat related health impacts on vulnerable populations based on the team’s scientific research and international best practices. By outlining strategies for coordinated government agency action, the comprehensive 36-page Plan serves as a master guide to the city government and local community. The Plan was crafted to include immediate and longer-term actions to increase preparedness, information-sharing and coordinate heat wave responses.


A community outreach campaign on preparedness and prevention regarding heat-related illness; ii) a simple early warning system; and iii) capacity building among health-care professionals.

Other Details

Start Date:11/01/2014
End Date:11/30/2016
Funded by:DFID, DGIS
Supplier(s):Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Public Health Foundation of India


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