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Advancing CCD for Food Security through Implementation of National Climate Change Strategies

The integration of mitigation, adaptation, and food security in responding to climate change is a conceptual puzzle that needs to become a practical reality. The complex environment in which food security needs to be pursued, involving aspects such as availability, stability, accessibility and utilization of food on all levels consistent with the right to adequate food, poses specific challenges to addressing climate change in the interest of those most at risk from food insecurity.


  • The key project goal is to assist policymakers in developing countries to optimally harness climate finance for food-security related elements in national climate change strategies.
  • It addresses key concerns, namely the vulnerability of agriculture as key sector relevant for food security as well as emissions from agricultural activities. The research aims to provide policymakers, in particular in the three case study countries Bangladesh, Honduras and Kenya, with the tools to act as national climate strategy “gatekeepers” in order to integrate climate funding streams for the agriculture sector in a way that mitigation and adaptation benefits of a given funding volume are maximized without jeopardizing food security.


  • The key output will be the development of integrated funding concepts for adaptation and mitigation in the agriculture sector, based on the national climate change strategies of Bangladesh, Honduras and Kenya, using the following research methods:
  • Literature reviews especially on issues where there is a lack of good review papers (such as on the knowledge and experience on the integration of adaptation and mitigation in the agricultural sector);
  • Analysis of funding instruments, including an assessment of indicators for adaptation and mitigation effectiveness
  • Case studies in the three low-income food deficit developing countries listed above, prepared by domestic partner organisations.

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Start Date:01/01/2011
End Date:07/31/2013
Funded by:CDKN


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