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Building a Community of Practice on Community Based Adaptation

Through this project, LEAD aimed to bridge the gap between practitioners and other stakeholders by strengthening the ‘community of practice’ on Community Based Adaptation. It utilised the CBA conferences – CBA6 in 2012 in Vietnam, CBA7 in 2013 in Bangladesh and CBA8 in 2014 in Nepal – to bring together policy-makers, researchers and civil society to enhance communication and collaboration within the group.


  • To build the research agenda around CBA by connecting practitioners with researchers and identifying the research gaps.
  • To increase the understanding of practitioners and policy-makers on how CBA can be mainstreamed into local and national CCD plans and policies.
  • To create a working group of policy-makers, practitioners and researchers who will drive the ‘Mainstreaming CBA’ agenda and develop a programme of work to take forward.
  • To design and test an approach or tool for measuring and evaluating the impact of the ‘community of practice’ on CBA resulting from this project.


  • The government cohort published a new report which puts forward a framework for mainstreaming climate resilience into development planning.
  • Four briefing notes were also developed to give the country perspective from Cambodia, Bangladesh, Kenya and the Gambia.
  • CDKN produced a working paper on learning from CDKN’s programme across the world on how to increase the scale and impact of CBA. A version of the paper was later published as an article in the ‘Climate and Development’ journal for their special edition on CBA.
  • An additional output of the project was an evaluation framework for measuring the impact of a community of practice on CBA which was summarised in a briefing note.

Other Details

Start Date:03/15/2012
End Date:06/30/2014
Funded by:CDKN


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