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Adaptation Policy Options And Interventions For Climate Change Induced Displaced People Of Banglades

The issue of climate change induced displacement is not the focus of the country’s overall or sectoral development planning. Recently, this has been considered as an adaptation option, though the existing development policy planning for climate change adaptation are limited and are not sufficient to address the growing need to cope with displacement. Moreover, large-scale migration is not taken into account in the adaptation strategies. This spurred the need to identify the policy options and gaps at the national policy planning level.


The commissioned research was designed to provide the evidence and policy recommendations necessary to enable the government to respond to this priority topic within their Climate Change Action Plan. Recommendations resulting from the research were disseminated to government officials through national level workshops.


The research from this project has been documented in five briefing notes exploring these different themes:

  1. Making migration decisions amid climate change;
  2. Migration and its climate sensitivity;
  3. Future migration in the context of climate change;
  4. The socio-economic impacts of migration influenced by climate change;
  5. The staggering scale of climate-induced migration and the need for pro-poor policies.
  • A short documentary film was created to explore the stories behind this research: Climate change and migration – Living on the Go
  • Case Study

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Start Date:11/01/2011
End Date:06/30/2013
Funded by:CDKN


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