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Assessing the Economic Impacts of Climate Change in Nepal

Previous studies, and common sense, tell us that development in Nepal is already being affected by climate change. Economic growth is dependent on the agricultural sector, which is sensitive to variations in the climate. Extreme events, such as glacial lake outburst floods, threaten lives and livelihoods.

However, the Government of Nepal (GoN) recognised that a more comprehensive picture of the economics involved in climate change is required. In their 2011 National Climate Change Policy they included as a specific objective the “assessment of losses and benefits from climate change in various geographical areas and development sectors by 2013”.


The study has quantified the costs relating to climate change, allowing the GoN to highlight both within Government and beyond, that climate change is an economic and development issue of the highest priority.


  • Full Technical Report.
  • Summary for Policy-Makers.
  • Briefing note: English and Nepali.
  • A video produced by the project team also highlights some of the key findings, and covers the launch in Kathmandu in April 2014.
  • The project team have shared some of the learning from the process in various blogs, including Prof. Govinda Nepal, Member, National Planning Commission, and CDKN’s Elizabeth Gogoi and Ram Chandra Khanal.

Other Details

Start Date:03/01/2012
End Date:09/01/2013
Funded by:CDKN


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