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Posted In: News
Posted On: 03, 18, 2016

Back To PostsSwitch off lights to switch on actions to conserve planet

Earth Hour is not about switching off lights for an hour. It’s a commitment to play a role in conservation of the planet, by conserving energy and combating Climate Change. Aspiration is that one day when we switch on the lights, we will not be using fossil fuels.

Stakeholders on environmental conservation and climate change should support conservation of the planet by celebrating Earth Hour, a voluntary grass roots movement celebrated around the world, to inspire people to protect the planet, by taking and informing about steps in daily lives, which resonate to bigger impacts.

Simple decisions, like not wasting water in our daily use, switching over from plastic bags to paper bags, and curtailing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by reforming habits, from resorting to energy efficient travel to energy efficient lifestyles, can help conserve life on earth. It is important for us all to celebrate Earth Hour as resource efficient nation, and vow for greater climate action. We should pledge improvement in personal lives to help conserve planet – ranging from repair of dripping water taps in their homes to cutting up on and efficient use of energy based products.

Earth Hour, a charitable organisation, is an open source movement, organised by civil society organisations, which initially began, as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia in 2007, to sensitize people on the issue of Climate Change.

Last year, Earth Hour was celebrated by more than 1.8 billion people, in over 172 countries and territories and 7,000 cities worldwide. In Pakistan, more than 500 landmarks celebrated earth hour by switching off their lights. Join LEAD Pakistan in advocating for greater environmental action on Earth Hour, celebrated on 19th of March, by switching off unnecessary lights, and of course actions.

This message is written by Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, CEO LEAD Pakistan on the occasion of Earth Hour which is being celebrated worldwide on March 19, 2016.