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The formulation and implementation of effective policy initiatives require the presence of vigorous institutional and governance mechanisms and trained leadership to implement these. Therefore, LEAD Pakistan has always kept capacity building at the forefront of its agenda as an organisation. In keeping with its title, the Leadership of Environment and Development has aspired to generate bright and innovative leadership to tackle the increasingly complex challenges of environment and development which plague the contemporary world. The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is one of LEAD’s flagship programmes, successfully operational since the very inception of the organization. The yearlong programme spans different sectors, targeting both mid and senior level career professionals. This programme has overseen the successful training of 19 batches of trainees into technical experts, focusing on the nuanced intellectual development of each budding professional through innovative teaching methods employed by some of the brightest minds of the field. The training programme brings together a dynamic mix of people from different walks of life and geographical areas in the country, each passionate about making a difference in their field of study. There are over 200 professionals working across Pakistan and over 3000 LEAD members engaged in cutting edge work internationally, making us proud as “fellows” of LEAD’s global network.