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As a special initiative, LEAD Pakistan launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Implementation Program (previously known as the Knowledge hub on SDGs) in September, 2015. The program brought together government, donors, communities, civil society, and private sector for successful adoption, mainstreaming and monitoring of ambitious new global development agenda for the post-2015 era. The launch coincided with the adoption of “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” during United Nations (UN) Summit on Sustainable Development. The world leaders agreed to replace MDGs with new 17 universal and transformative SDGs to strive for an equitable and inclusive world through integrated approaches to sustainable development and collective actions, at all levels, by everyone, to address the developmental challenges so that no one is left behind by 2030.

Given the breadth and universality of the SDGs, with 17 goals and 169 indicators, intense knowledge management, data collection, coordination, synchronization is required from large number of sources at all tiers of governance. The complex nature of SDGs also require innovations in knowledge management, research and analysis, information management, policy engagement and communication. The SDG Implementation Program is undertaking in-depth policy analysis and research studies to contribute towards development and operationalization of country specific SDG, assessment of data needs and capacity building for reporting, and knowledge brokering to achieve policy coherence. Moreover, the program focus area is developing new initiatives to support country governments in the region to co-deliver the implementation of SDGs, Sendai Framework on DRR and Paris agreement simultaneously.

Completed Initiatives

1. Addressing Environments of the Poor: Priorities for SDGs’ Actions

2. Legislative/Policy Review and Gaps Analysis in Balochistan on Sustainable Development Goal 13

3. Supporting SDG Acceleration – Policy Choices and Integrated Approaches

4. Legislative/Policy Review and Gaps Analysis in Baluchistan on SDG 5