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Managing Water Inside and Out – The Practical Aspects of Transboundary Water

Usually, when we use the term ‘transboundary water’ we take it to mean the sharing of surface water between two or more countries. In fact, this term has several different meanings and aspects. We should not only be looking at transboundary issues between or among countries but among provinces, districts and lower levels of administrative units, where water is actually managed. In the Pakistani context, it is equally important, if not more so, to look at how water is being used within the country itself, the basis of sharing, and how to move forward in this area.

Similarly, when we refer to ‘managing transboundary water’ it should not be about river water or surface water only. Rather, the concept of transboundary sharing should refer to all sources of water, including groundwater, as well as sharing the benefits of water resource development. In this context we need to look at water policy dialogue in Pakistan and the current situation vis-à-vis the Pakistan Water Accord, Indus Waters Treaty and emerging engagement on the Kabul River Basin.

LEAD Pakistan is hosting an interactive session on “Managing Water Inside and Out – The Practical Aspects of Transboundary Water” as part of its LEADING Perspectives series on Managing Shared Basins. The guest speaker for this session is Ms. Simi Kamal. Ms. Kamal is a water expert and Senior Group Head Grant Operations at Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). During this session, she will discuss how robust and fair water sharing and water benefit sharing arrangements within Pakistan are necessary for the country to make a strong case in regional transboundary arrangements.

LEADING Perspectives aims to bring together a diverse set of experts to accelerate the thought process on pressing water and environmental issues. This session will take on the challenge of generating an informed, pluralistic and multi-sectoral analysis to propose options for consideration by all concerned stakeholders.

Speaker Profile

Educated at the University of Cambridge, Ms. Simi Kamal has 37 years of experience in poverty alleviation, water, environment, climate change, food security, women’s empowerment, gender equality, inclusive development and public-private partnerships.

Ms. Kamal has a broad range of experience across the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Africa. She is a member of several global and regional boards, committees and networks including the Technical Committee of the Global Water Partnership. She has also served on Pakistan’s Commission on the Status of Women. Ms. Kamal’s expertise ranges from grassroots institutions and projects, right up to major national and international programs and multi-million dollar grant funds. She is also the founder of several private and non-profit organizations including Hisaar Foundation, a foundation for water, food and livelihood security.

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Other Details

Start Date:03/07/2018
End Date:03/07/2018
Last Date for Registration:03/06/2018
Venue:LEAD Office