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Inception Meeting Of Senior Researchers

The USAID-PEER Project, titled “Understanding our Joint Water-Climate Change Challenge and Exploring Policy Options for Cooperation on the Afghan-Pak Transboundary Kabul River Basin” focuses on the need to conduct a scientific study using a basin wide approach on the transboundary Kabul river basin; and also link it with policy and practice to have a comprehensive and impactful research initiative.

The inception meeting of senior researchers and project partners was planned to initiate the research activities of the project in order to achieve the objectives of the project.

The key points discussed were:

  • The Afghanistan partners affirmed that they will coordinate with the relevant government ministries and authorities to get the necessary approvals.
  • Data availability will be an issue for the scientific research study, especially from Afghanistan, due to data sharing restrictions.
  • Kabul University will provide all the necessary and available data required for the study from Afghanistan side.
  • It was agreed upon that the quality of data available should not be a hurdle in the study. In the case of absence or lack of quality data, a reasonable estimate should be provided on the basis of which policy briefs can be prepared.
  • Data gaps need to be identified by partners and alternatives must be explored.
  • There should be more close collaboration with the Afghanistan partners, updating them on the project details and sharing the relevant information with them.
  • Ownership of all partners, especially Afghan partners, on the projects should be ensured.
  • The research should keep in mind the benefits that can accrue to both Afghanistan and Pakistan in the research.
  • Studies to be initiated on collective benefits from both sides of the border.


  • Mr. Rafay Alam
  • Mr. Kahlid Mohtadullah
  • Mr. Ashfaq Mahmood
  • Mr. Ali Tauqeer Sheikh – LEAD Pakistan
  • Dr. Hassan Abbas –LEAD Pakistan
  • Mr. Uzair Khan – LEAD Pakistan
  • Mr. Harris Kuemmerle – King’s College London
  • Dr. Javed Iqbal – IGIS-NUST
  • Dr. M. Afzaal – PMD
  • Mr. Akram Anjum – PMD
  • Mr. Burhan Ahmad – PMD
  • Mr. Zia-ur-Rehman Hashmi – GCISC
  • Dr. Abdul Qayyum – Kabul University
  • Dr. Lutfullah Safi – Kabul University
  • Dr. Atiq-ur-Rehman Tariq – CUST Islamabad
  • Mr. AbuBakr - CUST Islamabad


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Other Details

Start Date:09/26/2016
End Date:09/26/2016
Last Date for Registration:09/23/2016
Venue:LEAD House


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