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Water is a resource that is integral to economic development. With a rapidly growing population that is dependent on this resource, it is incumbent upon policymakers to seriously consider the grave threat that water shortage can pose. A study by the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) reveals that Pakistan will face absolute water scarcity by 2025.

LEAD Pakistan, through its Water Program is bringing back the focus on a broader range of values that a society realizes through water. The aim is to incorporate social, economic and environmental aspects to water discourse, policies and programmes at national and international levels. The programme has been started in view of the importance of water in an era of massive power disparities between actors, inequitable resource distributions and climate change vulnerabilities. The programme comprises the focus areas of Groundwater and Droughts and Transboundary Waters.

The programme framework is based on the following three crosscutting thematic areas:

1. Access

LEAD Pakistan’s thematic area of “access” appreciates and recognizes the multiple uses for which access to water has always been valued in human societies. This includes but not limited to the economic, industrial, urban, ecological, cultural, recreational, aesthetic, and communal aspects of water use.

2. Equity

LEAD Pakistan’s thematic area of “equity” in water implies the right to a minimum amount of water for basic human needs plus the assurance of procedural fairness and transparency in the provision of this basic human right.

3. Hazards

LEAD Pakistan’s thematic area of “hazards” attempts to recast water resource planning and policy to build resilience and address vulnerabilities likely to be accentuated by water related disaster.

Major Initiatives under Climate Change Programme are;

Ongoing Initiatives

1. Leading Perspectives, Talk series on Managing Shared Basins

2. Benefit Sharing In a Shared Basin: Nurturing Community Leadership For Regional Water Governance

3. Understanding the Effects of Water Insecurity on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Faisalabad

4. Understanding Water-CC Challenge and Policy Options on the Afghan-Pak Transboundary Kabul River

5. Performance Based Non-Revenue Water Program – Revenue Enhancement and Communication Strategy

Completed Initiatives

1. Water Pricing to Promote Equity, Efficiency and Sustainability in the Growing City of Faisalabad