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Resilience in the context of climate change describes a society’s ability to absorb climate change shocks, maintain regular function post that, and transform in a way that it becomes more resistant to the future impact of climate change.

LEAD’s programme design is premised on an inclusive development approach, taking into account the distinct vulnerability of high risk groups including; children, women, the disabled, minorities and migrants.

Major Initiatives under this Programme are;

Ongoing Initiatives

4. Developing Agriculture Disaster Risk Management Operational Plans and Implementation Guidelines for Districts Ghotki & Kashmore (Sindh) and Rajanpur and Muzaffargarh (Punjab)

1. Partnership with Himalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience (HI-AWARE)

Completed Initiatives

1. Deepening and Expanding Heat Health Action in India

2. Increasing the Resilience and Effectiveness of Small and Medium Scale Irrigation Systems in Nepal

4. Raising Risk Awareness

5. Scaling-up Climate Smart Agriculture In Nepal