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Goals and Priorities

Economic growth in Pakistan is hampered by environmental degradation and the depletion of natural resources. Conservative estimates presented by the World Bank Report (2006) suggest that environmental degradation costs the country at least 6 percent of GDP, or about Rs.365 billion per year, and these costs fall disproportionately upon the poor. The Environmental management programme looks at developing/enhancing capacity of the mandated institutions in addressing the environmental challenges by enhancing their capacity to address the challenges more effectively and efficiently.

The main goal of the EMP is to enable mandated agencies of the provinces to enhance the role of district governments to:

1. Build capacity at the district level so that each district can feed into provincial plans (for instance, in the province’s urban areas the major environmental priorities include: air pollution, road traffic noise and accidents. In the coastal areas on the other hand, they are: massive sea intrusion, erosion and salinization hinder agricultural productivity etc.);

2. Engage with mandated agencies to maintain LEAD Pakistan’s presence and visibility in this arena;

3. Involve with political leadership and the corporate sector to influence better implementation of laws in support of an environmental management system (EMS);

4. Engage citizens/civil society to support a judicious environmental management system at the district level. Major Initiatives under this Programme are;

Completed Initiatives

1. GLOBE Climate Legislators Initiative – Phase 1

2. Nepal’s strategic engagement with the UNFCCC

3. Scoping A Combined Programme On Climate Compatible Development For Pakistan

4. Strengthening Climate Negotiation Capacity in Pakistan