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The traditional approach to economic development – one that is focused purely on combatting poverty- has to look beyond the scope of financial vulnerabilities to factor in the grave risks posed by climate change to societies.

For development to be sustainable therefore, initiatives have to be focused reducing climate related threats which are counterproductive to development. The concept of low carbon development refers to the idea of carrying out development with a minimum emission of greenhouse gases.

LEAD is currently carrying out several assignments around the theme of low carbon development. These include the development of low carbon scenarios for the diverse and mitigation actions through renewable energy alternatives.

Major Initiatives under this Programme are;

Completed Initiatives

1. Acting on Adaptation in the Hydro-Electricity Sector

2. Facilitating Karachi City District Government in Heatwave Management

3. Mobilising Efforts To Reduce Deforestation For Water, Energy And Food Security In Indonesia

4. Supporting Government of Bangladesh to Implement National Determined Contributions