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The sharing of transboundary waters among riparian countries requires strategic management, especially when geopolitical conflicts govern the relations of the beneficiary countries.

Sustainable water management behooves cooperation - for the shared basin riparian states to benefit mutually. The Water Programme at LEAD Pakistan, makes an informed contribution to the dialogue on water, and the subsequent conceptual framing of approaches and solutions through its long history of providing leadership in the field of environment and sustainable development. Consistent with LEAD Pakistan’s historical strengths, the Water Programme will focus on the functional areas of research, public policy engagement, capacity building and knowledge management.

Major Initiatives under this Programme are;

Ongoing Initiatives

1.Benefit Sharing In a Shared Basin: Nurturing Community Leadership For Regional Water Governance

2. Understanding Water-CC Challenge and Policy Options on the Afghan-Pak Transboundary Kabul River

3. Using Water Resources Systems Analysis to Guide a Transboundary Kabul River Water Partnership