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Pak-Afghan Stakeholders Consultation on Kabul River Basin, Kazakhstan

Under USAID’s Partnership for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) program, LEAD Pakistan has undertaken a comprehensive research initiative titled “Understanding our Joint Water-Climate Change Challenge and Exploring Policy Options for Cooperation on the Kabul River Basin”.

This three-year project (2016 – 2019) aims to promote cooperation, collaboration, and an integrated approach to basin-wide development. It will not only explore the scientific avenues of Kabul River Basin tributaries’ flows and impact of climate change to feed into science-based policy but will also promote collaboration between the two countries. Building on informed scientific evidence, the project will ensure participation and engagement of multiple stakeholders from Pakistan and Afghanistan through a series of stakeholder consultations, expert talks, and policy dialogues.

Interacting with a range of key stakeholders and getting various perspectives is crucial step in initiating any discourse on transboundary cooperation. To initiate this process, the Pak-Afghan Stakeholders Consultation is scheduled to take place in Feb 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with the aim to engage a broader audience and explore avenues of cooperation on the Kabul River Basin.

The Consultation will bring together experts from Afghanistan and Pakistan on the same platform with two main objectives:      

  1. Exploring possible avenues of cooperation and mutually beneficial uses for both Afghanistan and Pakistan decision makers, based on the concept of benefit sharing on the waters of Kabul River Basin.
  2. Proposing an integrated basin wide approach to guide policy making in the management, governance, and development of the Kabul River Basin.

Event Report

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Day 1 - Plenary Session

PEER Kabul River Forum Presentation - LEAD - Hina Lotia

Day 1 - Session 1 A

Discharge Variation and its Effect on Long Term Flood Prediction - Hamidullah Asady

Future Climate Change Projections of Kabul River Basin using a multi-model ensemble of High-Resolution Statistically Downscaled Data  - Bilal Khalid

Guiding Transboundary Kabul River Development using Water Resources Systems Analysis - Hassaan Khan

Impact of the 21st Century Climate Change on Surface Water Availability of the Transboundary Kabul River Basin - Zia Hashmi

Day 1 - Session 1 B

Exploring Benefit Sharing of Kabul River Basin between Afghanistan and Pakistan (Prospects and Constraints) - Ashfaq Mahmood

Regional & International Law Governing River Basins or Understanding the Laws of the Kabul River Basin - Rafay Alam

Water Conflict Management and Cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan - Fahima & Shakib

Day 2 - Session 2 A

Instruments of Peace & Prosperity in Shared Basins - Dr Hassan Abbas

Kabul River Basins Challenges & Opportunities - Idrees Malyar

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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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Other Details

Start Date:04/11/2018
End Date:04/16/2018
Last Date for Registration:04/06/2018
Venue:Almaty, Kazakhstan


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