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About the Action Lab


Inspiring Leadership for Sustainable Development 23 – 25th July 2011, Islamabad, Pakistan


We, at LEAD, believe that the biggest challenge for leadership today is to create, strengthen and support networks of people and institutions promoting change towards sustainable development.  In today’s rapidly changing world, we need leaders who weave a clear direction for achieving development targets and goals, take accountability for results and performance and are role models for the behaviour needed for others to get inspired.

Our leadership programmes have been designed since years to deliver exactly these outcomes. As a result, leaders are equipped enough to achieve sustained improvement in development initiatives. We work with leaders at the deeper levels of self-awareness, values and personal accountability for improvement in leadership performance - focusing on leadership skills to complement the more traditional, knowledge-based education.

We further embark upon this through community development & mobilization, stakeholder dialogue, conflict resolution & consensus building, collaborative networks and initiatives, public policy engagement and most importantly, by virtue of our Flagship - Leadership Development Program (LDP), which is also our core competency and distinguishes us from other non-profit organizations.


For the year 2011, we are planning to translate our vision into a multi dimensional and cross sectoral Three-Day Action Lab titled “Inspiring Leadership for Sustainable Development” which would create open spaces for people to learn, adopt and explore issues of sustainability by harnessing knowledge & resources and committing to design and deliver high impact actions. The Action Lab will provoke thinking on solving complex global problems holistically and will promote a culture of increased commitment, creativity, experimentation and collaboration. It will also provide a perfect opportunity to leverage and build a community around Leadership with a threefold effect on Climate Compatible Development, MDGs and Innovation. The methodologies used will include interactions with key panelists and subject matter experts, creating a policy think tank, donor marketing, strategic thinking exercises and studying the design of LEAD’s interventions on Sustainable Development.

Objectives of the Action Lab

Increased trust, knowledge sharing, and collaboration between thought-leaders, practitioners, decision makers, and emerging talent.

Energetic and dynamic dissemination of innovative and game-changing sustainable development practices and policy approaches.

Analysis and incubation of how existing innovations can be scaled-up and replicated. A framework process for testing these ideas through a prototyping and evidence based approach.

A portfolio of prototype projects and action-research initiatives that build on the most promising innovations and provide insight and evidence for scale-up and replication.

High quality capture and production of communication and knowledge products (case studies, video presentations, synthesis of workshops and dialogues, and participant interviews).


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