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23rd to 25th July 2011, Islamabad - Pakistan


About the Action Lab

For the year 2011, we are planning to translate our vision into a multi dimensional and cross sectoral Three-Day Action Lab titled “Inspiring Leadership for Sustainable Development” which would create open spaces for people to learn, adopt and explore issues of sustainability by harnessing knowledge & resources and committing to design and deliver high impact actions.

The Program

The Action Lab program is divided up in three days: The Plenary Session, parallel sessions and World Cafe. The methodologies used will include interactions with key panelists and subject matter experts, creating a policy think tank, donor marketing, strategic thinking exercises and studying the design of LEAD’s interventions on Sustainable Development. All events are by invitation only.

The Benefits

Why you should attend Action Lab?

The Action Lab will bring together multi sectoral experts from our diverse networks and groups. Attendees will gain valuable insight on strategies and practices adopted by countries around the world and ways by which sustainable development objectives can be achieved.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Request for Registration

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Please accept my congratulations on organizing ACM after a decade. I hope and pray that the event is successful...” Siraj Narsi – President, INTEGRATED RESOURCES (Houston Dallas Calgary)

I think this is going to be a great event an excellent opportunity for me to be at the All Cohorts Meeting. I would like to thank LEAD Pakistan for inviting me at this great event… Huma Batool- Assistant manager , The Citizens Foundation

Indeed it would be a great event. We Fellows were waiting for ACM since long... Shahid Lutfi – Director, Environmental Management Consultants (EMC)

Pleased to hear from LEAD. It will be my pleasure and an honor to be with u all once again for the All Cohort s Meeting...” Dr Saeed Ismail - Finance Secretary & Co-Founder HANDS

I wish you to have a wonderful meeting.... Professor Dr. Azhar Mansur Khan PhD (USA), PE, PMP

My congratulation to Ali sheikh and LEAD Pakistan for organizing such a much needed event… Roomi Hayat – Director, NRSP - Institute of Rural Management

I wish LEAD Pakistan good luck and hope that you have a splendid event… Rafi Ghaus - GM-Extension Projects & Studies Division

It is a great pleasure for me to hear that LEAD Pakistan is celebrating a decade of efforts & change towards making this world a livable place. It is also my dream to meat LEAD staff and fellows on this mega event. But unluckily, it is not possible for me to join this year. Looking forward to meet sometime in the future…

I wish you all the best for the event and regards to all at LEAD and to the members of LEAD family…. Arjumand Nizami - Program Coordinator Pakistan

I certainly would like to attend. It would also be an opportunity to meet an array of expertise from different walks of life, working for the betterment of this environment… Dr. Syed Muhammad Mubeen - Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine

I think this is going to be a great event an excellent opportunity for me to be at the All Cohorts Meeting….” Huma Batool - Assistant manager (evaluation), The Citizens Foundation

The forthcoming ACM is of tremendous importance as this most important event of LEAD members is being held after the break of 10 years. At this stage when LEAD has emerged as a vibrant and sustainable network across the world and strategic planning for the next 5 to 10 years is underway at LEAD-International to rejuvenate the network, this is highly imperative that the agenda is action oriented with significant expected outputs and outcomes over a period of time… Azhar Qureshi - Executive Director, Eco-Conservation Initiatives (ECI)

"I have seen the star-studded Schedule of the Sessions and I wish the conference every success..." Dr. Parvez Hassan, Former Chair LEAD and advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan

"Please accept my heartiest wishes for a successful event..." Sanjay Upadhyay; Advocate Supreme Court of India &Managing Partner, Enviro Legal Defence Firm "Thank you for the invitation--it sounds like a very well planned event that will reap rich rewards! Good luck with your preparations, and I look forward to hearing and reading all the reports..." Mairi Dupar,Global Knowledge Management Coordinator, Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

"Congratulations for hosting the All Cohorts meeting in Islamabad.I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing the outcome of the meeting. I would like to recommend that action plans be developed in the small working groups, highlighting specifics steps for strengthening and improving communication, and sharing knowledge and experiences.  This will be very useful in taking actions and steps for improving communication and post meeting follow-up..." Rushna Ravji, M.D., M.P.H., M.S, Service Delivery Technical Advisor, Office of Population & Reproductive Health, USAID/GH/PRH/SDI

"I got your message but unfortunately I am not here in Islamabad during these dates. Keep us connected through the net as that is the best that can be done. It would be nice to stream sessions and keep videos online..." Huma Beg, LEAD Fellow

Please accept our regrets that we will not be able to participate in the Lead's prestigious event . We realize that it was a great opportunity to reach out to a critical mass of young leaders in a face to face situation. We wish all the success to LEAD in all its endeavours and look forward to another opportunity to join hands with you. Imran Khan, Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf & Mr. Naseem ur Rehman, CEO, Imran Khan Foundation.

I don’t understand the logic of branding the occasion as an All Cohorts Meeting, while it is composed of a range of different events, each tailored for and probably financed by a different client, and each serving the needs of a different and distinct project outsourced to LEAD as a contractor. Albeit, it purports to showcase the finished and upcoming client-specific LEAD products, the occasion certainly aims at turning LEAD in to a niche player. One may find cross-cutting linkages and synergies working at their best in the design of the three-day event, yet it does not offer any scope for a formal networking agenda for the Fellows, which has been the hallmark of previous All Cohorts Meetings.

Understanding the fact that Fellows and Associates network is the core strength of LEAD Pakistan I suggest that atleast one working day can be dedicated to Fellows/Associate activities in such future ventures. This will provide both ends to accomplish the basic objectives of ACM. Hope to see you all at the ACM. Prof: Sajjad Haider (C-9) Executive Director, Indus Foundation for Human Development.

Looking forward to have a healthy debate and a nice interaction with you all during the forthcoming ACM. Arshed Rafiq, LEAD Fellow

Leadership Development Program has been the flagship of LEAD ever since its inception. It is on back-burner now despite of winning several huge contracts. It will be hypocritical if not pointed that the LP present management has deviated from the original designs of the LEAD concept. If the original agenda is not doing well then it put a question mark on the sustainability efforts. Munir Ahmed Sr. Correspondent, Daily Islamabad Dateline

Thank you for inviting me to participate in the Action Lab on “Inspiring Leadership for Sustainable Development” organized by LEAD Pakistan, July 23-25, 2011, at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. It was an interactive and inspiring event. The Action Lab provided a deep insight into the technical and socio-economic preconditions necessary for sustainable national development especially under changing climate. I congratulate the LEAD team for organizing a successful event. Arif Goheer, Senior Scientific Officer, Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC)

It gives me immence pleasure to participate in a wounderful intellectual event with the name of Action Lab on Inspiring Leadership for Sustainable Developmed organized by LEAD Pakisgtan in a befitting and efficient manner. It was a unique experience for me to see the most experienced and eminent experts togather, the valuable deliberations, debate and thought provoking ideas of the professionals inspired me a lot. Hamid Javaid Awan

It indeed was a very enriching learning experience. I want to appreciate and congragulate the whole LEAD team for arranging such a prestigious 3 days learning event. Kindly keep us posted about other such events as well. Rabia Manzoor Khan, Clinical Psychologist/Free lance Consultant, Aga Khan Health Services Unit- Islamabad

Thanks for looking after us so well. The LEAD event was intellectually inspiring and also, it was very refreshing to meet up with the LEAD community and so many friends. Naila Hussain, LEAD Fellow

I think the entire LEAD team did an amazing job by providing the platform for such rich, diverse, and intellectually stimulating discourse. I wish there weren't so many sessions in parallel as almost all the topics/sessions were really interesting and worth attending. One thing I noticed, I might be wrong, was little participation from the private sector. 'Development' these days, as we are told, is all about economies thriving on entrepreneurial spirit and the debate of making it sustainable, in many ways, eventually means a range of actions (or non-actions) in production of goods and services. This important stakeholder should be brought to table and who other than LEAD can play this role better? Think about it.

I feel honored to be invited for the meeting… Muhammad Arshad Rafique, Communication Manager-Programme for Industrial Sustainable Development. NEC Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

I am glad to know about All Cohorts meeting after a long pause… Naseer Memon - CEO, SPO


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